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July 02nd, 2022

geranium purpleSpecial to the Leader & Times

MANHATTAN, Kan. — If holes mysteriously appear in the buds of home garden flowers, it is likely the work of the tobacco budworm.

“Though a number of flowers can serve as hosts, geraniums and petunias are most commonly attacked,” said Kansas State University horticulture expert Ward Upham.

Upham said that it is the larva of budworms that damages buds. The larva will burrow into buds before they open and feed on the developing flower inside. This feed persists for about a month before the larva drops into the soil to pupate into an adult moth.

Most flower buds that the budworm snacks on will fail to open.

“Those that do open will show evidence of feeding on the petals,” Upham said. “Damage normally peaks in late summer because of increased numbers from the second generation.”

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okl00Special to the Leader & Times

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma officials have reached an opioid settlement with three drug companies that would bring more than $250 million to finance efforts to battle opioid addiction, state Attorney General John O’Connor has announced.

The deal with McKesson, Cardinal and AmerisourceBergen settled a lawsuit in which Oklahoma accused the companies of fostering a nationwide epidemic of opioid abuse, O’Connor said in a Monday statement.

“Many Oklahoma families have been ravaged and lives have been lost by opioid addictions and overdoses,” O’Connor said. “Money cannot possibly heal those wounds or bring back our loved ones. The funds we are recovering will be used to prevent and treat addictions to opioids.”

The settlement was subject to approval by city and county governments with which the proceeds would be shared to support their efforts against opioid abuse, he said.