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May 28th, 2022

coronavirus in kansas graphicEARL WATT • Leader & Times


There have been 14 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, and only one of them is in Western Kansas.

According to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, there are 10 cases in Johnson County, one in Wyandotte County, one in Butler County and one in Franklin County and one in Ford County.

Southwest Medical Center CEO Robert Whitaker confirmed there have been no verified cases in Seward County.

“There are no confirmed COVID-19 cases in Seward County,” he said. 

The goal of the recent closures and restricted movement around the nation and in Seward County are intended to insure that health care facilities are not overwhelmed with patients.

Southwest Medical Center has 101 beds, and they are intended for those with the highest risk to life.

Whitaker said anyone who develops a cough or other flu-like symptoms should not immediately seek hospitalization without seeking their primary doctor’s advice first.

“They should seek care from their normal care provider,” Whitaker said. “We are there to help those physicians for the care of their patients.”

Regular hospital operations, however, are continuing, such as scheduled operations, lab testing, radiology and other services.

If a person cannot contact a primary care giver, Whitaker recommended calling the hospital first at 620-624-1651.

SWMC has also limited access. Those under the age of 18 are discouraged from visiting, and other parties will be limited to two gusts per patient.

“Technology is great today, Whitaker said. “If you can do a  video call, visit that way.”

SWMC staff has also been working to correct false information.

“The KDHE will announce where confirmed cases are,” Whitaker said. “If you get a text or see something on social media, unless it comes from the KDHE, it is not accurate.”