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November 26th, 2020

ELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


The Liberal City Commission will be hosting its first meeting during the coronavirus situation this evening starting at 5:30. 

Up first for the commission will be discussion of the comprehensive insurance program renewal through Al Shank Insurance, Inc. 

“This presentation is designed to give an overview of the insurance coverages provided for the City of Liberal,” the agenda information noted. “It is meant only as a  general understanding of your insurance coverages and should not be construed as a legal interpretation of the insurance policies that are provided. The City has made some significant additions during the policy year including the City Recreation Center, a new radio tower, $400,000 in new Motorola equipment, the addition of 415 N. Pennsylvania and 1401 E. Pine Street, as well as other coverage changes during the year. The total annual additional premium included for these noted changes is $32,385. In the past 14 years, the City has received $937,844 in EMC dividends, and while dividends are not guaranteed, you have received one every year for the past 14. In the past five years, the annual dividend average has been $94,144.”

The next item on the commission’s agenda is discussion of Ordinance No. 4538, which concerns a second amendment to the KDHE Kansas Public Water Supply Loan Fund. 

“Whereas the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996 [PL 104-182] to the Safe Drinking Water Act established the Drinking Water Loan Fund to assist public water supply systems in financing the costs of infrastructure needed to achieve or maintain compliance with the Federal Act and protect the public health and authorized the Environmental Protection Agency to administer a revolving loan program operated by the individual states,” the agenda information noted. “Whereas to fund the state revolving fund program, the EPA will make annual capitalization grants to the states, on the condition that each state provide a state match for such state’s revolving fund ... whereas the Kansas Development Finance Authority and KDHE have entered into a pledge agreement pursuant to which KDHE agrees to enter into loan agreements with municipalities for public water supply projects and pledge the loan repayments received pursuant to such loan agreements to the authority ...whereas the governing body of the municipality hereby finds and determines that it is necessary and desirable to accept the second amendment to the loan and enter into a second amendment to the loan agreement and certain other documents relating thereto, and take certain actions required in order to implement the second amendment to the loan agreement.” 

The commission will also be discussing Ordinance No. 4540 concerning an appropriations ordinance. 

“Be it ordained by the governing body of the City of Liberal: that there is hereby appropriated the accounts set up in each fund in the budget for the remainder of the fiscal year 2020 for the payment of all claims and charges against each fund,” the agenda information noted. “Payments of all claims and charges against each fund shall be made by combination checks and warrants drawn by the Finance Director and counter-signed by the City Clerk as provided by law ... that the payment of all claims and charges against the respective accounts and funds provided in the budget for the year 2020 are hereby authorized, ratified and approved.”

Up next for the commission will be discussion of Ordinance No. 4539, which concerns authorizing the issuance of taxable IRBs Series 2020. 

“This is an ordinance authorizing the City of Liberal to issue its federally taxable IRBs Series 2020 (National Beef Packing Co., LLC) for the purpose of the acquisition, construction, and equipping of a wastewater treatment facility, and authorizing certain other documents and actions in connection therewith,” the agenda information noted. 

The commission will also be discussing authorization of a Kansas Municipal Investment Pool account.

“As we are currently in need of updating our authorized signors for the City of Liberal accounts deposited in the Kansas Municipal Investment Pool, a resolution must be adopted by the commission in order to do so,” the agenda information noted. “Resolution No. 2329 would name Calvin Burke, Chris Ford, Alicia Hidalgo and Keith Warkentin as authorized signors on the  Municipal Investment Pool accounts for the purposes of transferring funds for investment, withdrawing funds from time to time, issuing letters of instruction, and taking all other actions deemed necessary or appropriate.”

To conclude new business, the commission will hear a request to rename Burnett Road to Chance Road. 

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