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October 30th, 2020

==Southwest Living Sep 8  2020==

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sw living 9 8

garage sale sign articlejpg1) The Barn ( Fairgrounds) Liberal Ks.....Saturday September 5th 9am - 4pm

2) 728 E. Spruce St Saturday Sept.5th 8am -????......Clothes, Shoes, Toys

3) Huge Garage Sale in Tyrone - East of R&R on S. Beaver st.....Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday 9am - 5pm....welder, Rototiller, Riding Lawn Mower, Water A/C, Fridge, Washer & Dryer, Vintage Glasses, Lawn Tools, Curtains, Bedding, Large Number of Vintage Dolls, Some Clothes....You Name it we probably have it!!

machine shop article new==Texas County releases latest COVID-19 data==

sw living 3.pdf====SOUTHWEST LIVING AUG. 30 2020 Part 3====

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sw living 2====Southwest Living, Aug. 30 2020====

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sw living 1===SOUTHWEST LIVING PART 1===

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shelter insurance jose lara new====FROM AUG. 21, 2016====


  • Leader & Times


Since 1915, there have been many major historical events that have occurred throughout the U.S., including both world wars, the Great Depression, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Liberal resident Lois Morrissey has seen them all, throughout her 101 years of life.

Born Aug. 27, 1915 to farmer parents in the north part of Liberal, close to where the Walmart Supercenter currently resides, Lois Morrissey has seen many events and a lot of history play out. However, one part of her life she especially remembers is growing up during the Great Depression and the “Dirty Thirties.”

“We had wheat that could sell for $3 per bushel, and then overnight, it plummeted to $0.25 per bushel,” Morrissey recalled. “And farm families had to struggle with managing such changes in those prices. My parents did reasonably well, they had a good farm, and then all of a sudden we were destitute. My home just east of where the Walmart is now, and we were reasonably well off. Then when the farm prices went crazy, the people who didn’t have backup, they were in bad shape. They hadn’t expected that to happen, and had over-farmed their ground and not taken the best care of it.”

That era especially, Morrissey said, taught her to take care of what she did have.

“It certainly wasn’t very easy, especially during the dust storms,” Morrissey said. “Our house was actually a pretty good-sized house, but we had to move to the basement to protect ourselves from the dirt. And even in cold weather, we had to seek refuge there. We made the most of what we could and went about our way.”

kartunz fb rv====Texas County health officials release latest COVID-19 data====

This map shows how many new cases each county has seen in the past week (7/27-8/2). Those numbers are written on each county.

The color coding shows percentage growth of cases over the past week compared to the previous week.
This map will be posted on Sundays only as a weekly update.

                                                                                                         ====JULY 31, 2012====

shelter insurance july newArea firefighters battle flames at three incidents Monday 


  • Leader & Times 

Ignited gasoline vapors are believed to be the cause of a fire Monday afternoon which sent thick black smoke sailing over the south end of Liberal after a transmission shop was engulfed in flames.

Liberal Fire Department crews arrived on the scene at 4:41 p.m. to find flames and thick smoke shooting out the rear garage door of Mata Automatic Transmission at 335 S. Virginia. All occupants in the garage had safely evacuated before the fire went on to ignite several explosions caused by six vehicles parked inside. The garage also contained large amounts of petroleum products and pressurized containers which sent firefighters on a defensive attack against the dangerous fire. 

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