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May 28th, 2022

apple treeSpecial to the Leader & Times


 Kansas gardeners may find themselves on a time crunch to take care of their yard’s fruit trees once the brutal cold temperatures across much of the state subside.

Kansas State University horticulture expert Ward Upham said homeowners have through March to prune fruit trees. That task, he notes, should only be done when the wood is not frozen.

K-State Research and Extension’s bookstore has two publications that will help gardeners get the job done right, according to Upham, who suggests the following:

Both publications are free and available online.

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roses redSpecial to the Leader & Times


Love is in the air, but the goodwill that one might earn by sending Valentine’s Day roses could be quickly lost if those flowers quickly wilt.

Kansas State University horticulture expert Ward Upham said there are important guidelines to follow to help extend the life of roses.

For floral arrangements, Upham’s recommendations include:

  • Keep the vase filled – or the floral foam soaked – with warm water. Add fresh, warm water daily.

“If the water turns cloudy, replace it immediately,” Upham said. “If possible, recut stems by removing 1 to 2 inches with a sharp knife, under water.”

* Keep flowers in a cool spot (62 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit). Place the flowers away from direct sunlight, ceiling fans, heating and cooling vents, and radiators.

  • If a rose starts to wilt, remove it from the arrangement. Recut the stem under water. Submerge the entire rose in warm water. “The rose should revive in 1 to 2 hours,” Upham said.

taxSpecial to the Leader & Times


April is synonymous with many things. Many people get their first glimpse of spring blooms in April, while families of faith look forward to gathering for Passover and Easter. Sports fans may welcome the return of professional baseball in April, while scholastic athletes may associate April with the return of spring sports. Though each of those things tends to be welcomed with open arms, one day in mid-April may not be greeted so warmly.

Each year in the United States, April 15 marks the official deadline for taxpayers to file their tax returns. Taxpayers in the United States must file their returns by this day or face penalties. Though the filing deadline may be in mid-April, it's wise for taxpayers to begin preparing to submit their returns much earlier than that. For those who have not done so in the first two months of the year, March is a great time to begin preparations to ensure returns are accurate and filed on time.

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shelter article new 2 sept====FROM: Feb. 6, 2007====

By: Scott Ford, Southwest Daily Times


The Lady Redskin basketball team has put last week's back­to­back losses behind it and is looking to the future. Monday, in a make up game with the Ulysses Lady Tigers, the Lady Redskins looked in perfect form as they outdueled Ulysses 58-42.

Liberal led for almost the entire game, exept for early in the first and third quarters. Ulysses took a brief 4-0 lead in the first, then led again in the third two different times.

The Lady Redskins got their first point from the charity line as Makayla McPhail hit the front end of a two shots and Liberal trailed 4-1, but on their next possession, Jessica Campbell tied the game with a trey.

The Lady Redskins went on a 6-3 run to end the first and had the lead 10-7.

Liberal extended its lead by as many as seven points three different times in the second frame, but the Lady Tigers would not go away as they continued to battle back.

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