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December 07th, 2021

====Southwest Living: Aug. 9, 2021====


fall garden with cold frameSalad anyone?

The time is right to plant such garden favorites as lettuce, radishes, spinach, turnips, mustard and other greens, says Kansas State University horticulture expert Ward Upham.

Those crops are ideal for planting from mid-August to early September for a fall harvest. “Plant slightly deeper than you did in spring,” Upham said. “This will keep the seed slightly cooler, though still warm, and the soil should retain moisture longer.”

Upham noted that gardeners should water these crops frequently in the fall, at least until seeds begin to emerge: “That should be pretty quickly with the warmer soils we get in Kansas,” he said.

“Watering heavy soils can sometimes cause a crust to form. This can be prevented by applying a light sprinkling of peat moss, vermiculite or compost directly over the row.”

Upham said you can reduce watering once the plants emerge, though they may need to protected from hungry rabbits and insects.

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shelter article new june 2021=====FROM: Aug. 3, 2000=====


 By: LEIGH ANN WINES,  Southwest Daily Times 

With school right around the corner students are flocking to area clothing stores trying to find an assortment of must-haves.

It looks like it's bright colors, three-quarter inch sleeves and capri pants this year.

Liberal High School students Tam Lam and Pearl Campos recently provided their views on what the latest fashions and trends are this year.

"Baggy is definitely out," Campos said, who will be a freshman at LHS this fall.

Girls are wearing tighter fitting clothes these days, according to Campos. Tighter and brighter, she added.

The type of music kids listen to also influences the way kids dress, according to Lam, who will be a junior at LHS.

"They go together," Lam said. "The music I like and the clothes I wear."

The Buckle employees finds themselves hurriedly preparing for the busy days that lie ahead before school gets started.

"It's been somewhat busy right now, but this coming month is supposed to be really busy just because of the back to school stuff going on," said Alicia Bridgewater, Buckle employee.

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=====Southwest Living: Aug. 2, 2021=====


Special to the Leader & Times


treeA Kansas State University horticulture expert is urging Kansas homeowners to pay special attention to trees, shrubs and fruit plants during a stretch that is likely to see several days reach triple digit temperatures.

“Newly planted trees have not established the extensive root system needed to absorb enough water during hot, dry, windy summers,” said K-State’s Ward Upham. “Even trees that are 2-3 years old should receive special care.”

Upham suggests deep, infrequent watering and mulching to help trees become established. Newly planted trees need at least 10 gallons of water per week; twice that amount if they are located on sandy soils.

“The secret is getting that water to soak deeply into the soil so it evaporates more slowly and is available to the tree’s roots longer,” Upham said. “One way to do this is to drill a 1/8 inch hole in the side of a five gallon bucket and fill it with water. The hole should be near the bottom of the bucket. Let the water dribble out slowly next to the tree, then refill the bucket once after moving it to the side of the tree.”

Upham said the method he described assures the tree gets 10 gallons of water. Larger trees, including those transplanted 2-3 years ago, require more water, he said.

Another method suggested by Upham includes using a perforated soaker hose or drip irrigation to water a newly established bed or foundation planting.

shelter article new june 2021====FROM: July 27, 2007====

By: DAVID THOMPSON, Southwest Daily Times


The Liberal Bee Jays ended the 2007 season by losing on the road at Dodge City 11-4.

Jeffrey Jones went 3-5 and finished with a .368 batting average for the season. Blaine Wilson led the team with six home runs and 27 RBI's.

Zach Mixson led the team with five wins.

This is only the fourth time in the 53 year history of the team the Bee Jays have missed playing in the NBC World Series. The Liberal team finished the season in fifth place which is also the lowest place the team has ever finished in the Jayhawk League.

The Bee Jays ended with a 22-24 record and Dodge City finished with a 8-36 record after fielding a team for the first time in more than 30 years.


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