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May 28th, 2022

cookies christmasSpecial to the Leader and Times


COVID-19 will keep many from traveling to see friends and family for the holidays, but you can be there in spirit by sending your special homemade fudge to your mom or cookies to your favorite niece.

“Everyone likes to get gifts of food, especially homemade or specialty foods,” said Londa Nwadike, extension associate professor in food safety at Kansas State University and the University of Missouri.

She advises, however, that when sending a food gift, to pack it safely, mark it clearly and notify the recipient that it’s on the way. That’s especially important for perishable items to ensure that your efforts don’t go to waste because they sat in a mailbox or on a porch too long.

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The global pandemic that has upended daily life has exacted a toll on many industries. Businesses have been asked to close or temporarily scale back operations, while organizers of recreational gatherings have been tasked with reevaluating the practicality and safety of annual events.

Throughout the United States and Canada, autumn fairs, exhibitions and activities provide revenue for many people. But due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, many of these annual events have been postponed, adversely affecting local agricultural industries as a result. Governments in certain places have responded to the cancellations and offered assistance to local farmers and agricultural industries.

====Health and Fitness: Nov. 3, 2020====

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-Whether by rake or by mower, work should be done soon-

In case you are dreading the thought of pulling out a rake to gather piles of leaves that have fallen on your lawn, Ward Upham has an important message: It’s worth the effort.

“A scattering of leaves won’t harm the lawn,” said Upham, a horticulture expert at Kansas State University, “but excessive cover prevents sunlight from reaching the plants, which means the lawn will be unable to make the carbohydrates needed to carry it through winter.”

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