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October 30th, 2020

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Ford County health officials confirmed 34 more positive COVID-19 tests Friday, making the total case count 1,027. This total ranked Ford County number one according to the latest data from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Total cases  for the other top counties in the state were Wyandotte at 1,001, Leavenworth at 907, Finney at 677, Seward at 668 and Johnson at 583.  

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Southwest Kansas continues to see a steady increase in daily positive coronavirus cases in the more populated areas and now with new reported deaths.  Ford County health officials  announced the first 2 deaths  from COVID-19 cases.  Both individuals had underlying health conditions and were hospitalized at time of death.  No other deatails were released.  Ford county continues to see large increases in coronavirus cases and remains ranked number 2 in the state only behind Wyandotte County(Kansas City metro) with 702 total cases.

Finney County health officials have also announced 2 more deaths from COVID-19.  According to a press release on Friday,  One individual was in the 40s age range with no known underlying health conditions, and the other was in the 70s age range and did have underlying health conditions.  Finney County had a total of 386 cases with three deaths and ranked  5th in the state in total coronavirus cases.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, an electric cooperative in the Oklahoma Panhandle is currently letting its employees work from home.

Thursday, Tri County Electric Cooperative CEO Zac Perkins posted a statement on the company’s Web site on the company’s plan on operation amidst COVID-19.

“Because TCEC has been directly affected by the virus, we have moved into the next phase of our pandemic plan,” he said. “As of today, we are allowing all employees to work from home.”

Perkins said Tri County is taking these precautions to ensure employees are safe and have the best opportunity to stay healthy.

McVey Leads Liberal to win at Willowtree

Texas county officials have announced 12 new positive COVID-19 tests elevating the county total to 85 and ranking 8th in the state. The new positive results are for nine Guymon residents, two Tyrone residents, and one Hooker resident. An investigation into any positive result is standard and all persons in close contact with the person will be notified by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and advised of quarantine and testing procedure. No other details in these cases were released.

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L&T staff report

Ford County health department has received notification of 60 new cases this morning, making the new count 544 and is still currently ranked number 2 in the state  in number of new coronavirus cases.  Ford county could surpass Wyandotte county(K.C. metro) which has 583 total cases according to the latest Kansas Dept. of Health data. Ford county has shown the largest spike in coronavirus cases in the state per capita in the last week.

Ford county officials advise that the capacity of quick testing is approximately 60 tests per day and most new cases are directly associated with" cluster groups " and these cases are not yet considered to be evidence of a community-wide outbreak.  

Officials have stated previously that the number of positive cases will increase during this period where there are more tests performed, specifically in groups where multiple positive cases have been found.  

Texas County officials announce 9 New Positive COVID-19 tests, elevating the total to 68 cases,.

 The new positive results are for nine Guymon residents. An investigation into any positive result is standard and all persons in close contact with the person will be notified by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and advised of quarantine and testing procedure. No other details in these cases were released.




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KANSAS CITY – Before the Redskins celebrated their state championship Saturday, they gave thanks.

Liberal soccer players kneeled in a circle in the middle of the field at Kansas City Piper High School, and Fellowship Baptist youth Pastor Tyler Prater led the team in a prayer of thanks. It was not a late-season revelation for the Redskins. It had been a theme for the team all year after starting the season 2-5.

Head coach Lori Navarro knew her team needed to focus on something bigger than themselves, and that something bigger was their faith.

“I told them we were not giving Him everything,” she said. The players knew it.

covid 19Ochiltree County officials have confirmed the  first COVID-19 death in Perryton along with four more new cases.

Friday morning, Ochiltree General Hospital said a person who had the virus passed away and those with the virus are being monitored and are in isolation.

The hospital is urging the community to take precautions against the spread by practicing social distancing during this time.

Further details were not made available.

covid 19Ford County officials have announced 58 new COVID-19 cases this morning, which moves the current case count up to 350 and is currently 3rd in the state, only behind Wyandotte and Johnson counties in number of total positive coronavirus cases.

"Please remember that positive case numbers will increase for the duration of cluster-specific testing...."“We have a lot of people that are asymptomatic, and we have a lot of people that are recovering. We’ve had, maybe one non-critical hospitalization. And we haven’t had any death so that’s a big deal,” said Ford County PIO JD Gilbert.  

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