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October 30th, 2020

 coronavirusOchiltree General Hospital announces the first positive test of COVID-19 in Perryton, Texas.

Officials say the patient lives in Perryton and is currently in the care of the hospital.

Officials want to remind everyone in the county that they have been preparing for an outbreak and provide the best care for patients and updated information to the county.

Cases for the neighboring counties in the Texas panhandle are: Dallam - 3, Sherman - 11, Hansford - 1, and Lipscomb - 0.

The Texas panhandle currently has 668 total confirmed cases with 15 deaths.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic still lingering, some local businesses have inquired if Seward County will be offering any tax deferments or payment options for taxes due May 10.

Administrator April Warden addressed some of those concerns at Monday’s county commission meeting, and she said several county leaders, including herself and Commissioner C.J. Wettstein, have gotten calls about the issue.

“We have some people who are calling into the treasurer’s office,” she said. “I’ve received three phone calls and an e-mail.”

Warden said she wanted to come before the commission to help educate the public as much as possible on the matter. She started by talking about Kansas Statute 79-2004, which states the full amount of property taxes is due on or before May 10.

“That is set by statute, so therefore, the board of county commissioners local government does not have the authority to change this date, nor to waive penalties and interest,” she said. “Knowing this is an issue, and it’s not just an issue in our county, it’s being addressed at the state level, I did talk to Representative Shannon Francis, and he told me they actually have people there researching what effect this could possibly have if legislation was to make some changes to this.”


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Ford county officials have announced several more positive cases of COVID-19, causing the total confirmed cases to climb to 208.  The McDonald’s on Wyatt Earp Boulevard in Dodge City has closed its doors this week as two employees were confirmed to have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Finney county has confirmed 5 new cases making the current total 56 and Texas county officials have advised of 12 new cases, taking their total positive count to 32.

In Stevens county, two more cases of COVID-19 have been identified, making the total 6. These cases are unrelated to the four previous positive cases according to health department officials.

Texas County officials have confirmed 12 additional positive COVID-19 tests on Tuesday, April 21, bringing the total count to 32.

The positive results are for seven Guymon residents, four Hooker residents, and one Optima resident. An investigation into any positive result is standard and all persons in close contact with the person will be notified by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and advised of quarantine and testing procedure. No other details in these cases were released.


L&T staff report

The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Cimarron County was confirmed on Monday night just after 8 p.m.  according to Cimarron County Emergency Management and the Haskell County Health Department has also announced their first case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) involving a male, age 20-34 years of age. The Haskell County Health Department is working to identify any close contacts of the individual and those who were exposed will be contacted as soon as possible.  

coronavirusThe Ford County Health Department has advised of 42 new cases of COVID19, this morning.

"You have to understand the reason why we're seeing an increase in cases is because the Department of Health research staff are being aggressive in close contact tests, even those who are asymptomatic. ➤ there is necessarily an increase in cases in Ford County, we are simply examining more people and actively searching for any evidence of spread in the community. We are simply identifying more current cases as possible instead of "passive surveillance", according to a health department spokesperson.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is reporting Ford County is now fifth in the state for the highest number of positive COVID-19 cases at around 170.

coronavirusFord County Health Department officials advised of 17 new positive cases of COVID19 yesterday and 28 new cases today, taking the total positive count to 135.  

Officials continue to research and investigate the close contacts of those people already identified as positive .  Health officials continue to advise people to please stay at home, practice  social distancing and wash hands with frequency especially after going to work or after having contact with anyone outside the home.

The Ford County Health Department  has advised of 16 new cases of coronavirus as of Friday.

According to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, the county now has 84 total cases. The highest in southwest Kansas.

Ford County released this statement: “The increase in cases the last few days is attributed to the health department investigation team identifying close contacts of already confirmed positive cases. We do not have evidence of community spread even though we have seen a lot of new cases recently. We have been able to identify the main sources of spread, have been in contact with them and their close contacts, ordered multiple tests and issued quarantines.

coronavirusFord County(Dodge City) has announced several new cases of COVID-19.

The county health department has received notification of 11 new positive cases this morning which takes the total number of positive cases to 51.  At this time, the Department of Health team advises that they are working on identifying possible contacts and any correlation between cases.

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Earlier this month, news of the COVID-19 virus spread across the world, leaving many panicking and buying items in bulk.

This in turn has left shelves in many grocery stores empty with nothing to sell to some customers, leaving many in need of items with nowhere to find them.

Clarissa Carrillo recently came up with an idea to help those troubled by the grocery store shortage.

“There’s a lot with the panic that was happening,” she said. “I was thinking how can we help people right now. There was a lot of people in the stores, buying everything at once, and we started seeing a lot of people in the community not finding some essential things, especially when it came to cleaning supplies. That’s something important right now. With everything going on with the coronavirus, people are trying to stay safe.”

As director of Seward County United Way, Carrillo found herself asking what could be done to help out, and that is when she contacted Julie Foster from Liberal’s Genesis Family Health office.

“I remember I was talking to Julie,” she said. “She actually called me for something different, and I was like, ‘Julie, I have this crazy idea. What do you think? Do you think we can do something to help the community?’”

The idea Carrillo came up with was to have a “Health & Hygiene Drive,” in which people would contribute items at several dropoff locations throughout town.

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