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December 07th, 2021


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====Southwest Living: May 16, 2021====

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shelter house article 2====from May 12, 2002====


L & T Staff Report:


A dryer in the basement locker room at South Middle School caused a brief disruption Friday when it ignited some lint.

"Ken Kliewer notified me that something smelled hot," South Middle School principal Lance Stout said.

"I went down to the boy's locker room, and there was a lot of smoke. So I went back up and called dispatch and (Director of Auxiliary Services) Alan Haskell."

Stout said the building was evacuated and that fire personnel were on the scene in three minutes.

"We have a flow chart to get everyone out of the building," Stout said. "After everyone was out and about 10 minutes into the situation, I had the staff move all the students to the football field where they could sit in the bleachers, and I updated them on the situation."

Stout said he was not sure at the onset what had caused the smoke until it was verified that the dryer had ignited the lint.

"Thankfully, that's all it was," he said.

====Southwest Living: May 10, 2021====

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shelter house article 2====FROM: May 9, 2007====


BY: RACHEL COLEMAN, Southwest Daily Times

Thanks to quick action by Liberal and Seward County emergency management, firefighters from Liberal and Seward County arrived at Greensburg just a couple hours after the tornado hit the small town Friday night. When the truck he rode in arrived, said Seward County volunteer firefighter Pete Wright, "it was incredible to see how many first responders were already there." The temporary command center was set up at the John Deere tractor dealership at the west end of town, "and it was packed with firemen, buses, cops, EMTs from all over," Wright recalled. "I was totally amazed."

Although the circumstances were chaotic, the rescue efforts were well-organized, Wright said; workers had clear orders and a good understanding of the chain of command within 10 to 15 minutes. He attributed the organizational structure to changes prompted by Homeland Security measures.

Following 9/11, fire departments that receive federal funding participate in NIMS (National Instant Management System) training, which teaches emergency responders to "speak the same language" in their coding system and command structure. The program is designed to eliminate misunderstanding and confusion so all responders understand the directives and work in a unified way. Wright said in Greensburg, the system worked: "It was just absolutely phenomenal."

County fire chief Mike Rice had put together the Seward County crew. Greg Standard and John Steckle of Seward County's Fire Department and Emergency Management were already in Greensburg as well, and Liberal Rescue 1, the city truck, was just 30 minutes behind the county crew. When it arrived, Liberal firefighter Skeety Poulton assisted Greensburg's fire chief, who had taken on the position in January.


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====Southwest Living: May 3, 2021====

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====Southwest Living: April 26, 2021====

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=====Southwest Living April 19, 2021=====

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====Southwest Living - April 12, 2021====

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