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December 07th, 2021

shippingPackages are sorted at the Liberal post office from a past year’s Christmas shipping load. This year is expected to see several Christmas gift packages ordered and sent throughout the world. L&T file photo/Elly GrimmELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Many people have already gotten at least some of their Christmas shopping done, and for many, that includes sending those gifts to loved ones throughout the U.S. and abroad.

For those planning on sending gifts, there are a few things to keep in mind while preparing everything. 

“The first thing I'd say is get it in here as soon as possible so you don't miss the deadline to get your packages where they need to be before Christmas,” Postmaster Monica Correll said. “So as soon as you can, get it packed and ready and bring it to the post office and let us take it from there, and it would also be really beneficial to the staff if everything is taped up and addressed and all of that. Also, make sure you have the correct address and zip code on your package because there are different zip codes for many different places and we want to get your package to the right place. The prediction is there will be more shipping for this year, so I expect we'll still see a very high volume of packages coming through and getting taken care. There's also been some new machinery implemented in different plants to help sort things faster so everything gets to their respective stations faster and out to the public.”

Correll added she believes more packages will be seen than cards.

“I think we'll see more packages, because the sending out of Christmas cards has dropped off because of e-mail and things like that making it easier to send Christmas wishes that way,” Correll said. “Some people are still mailing Christmas cards, but it's definitely not like what it used to be, so I expect we'll be more package-heavy for this year.”

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With the expected influx of customers, Correll said the Liberal Post Office is ready to go with supplies customers need.

“We've stacked the lobby with boxes and extra packing tape and other supplies to make it easier for people if they need to take care of those things before officially shipping everything off,” Correll said. “We'll have two windows open and ready to take packages and process everything. We also ship out stuff every night – whatever comes in here during the working hours, it gets shipped out that night. If we can keep up with that flow, I'm sure everything will go smoothly, because the most important thing is getting everything out in a timely manner, especially with this time of year.”

Correll reiterated the importance of customers getting their packages in sooner rather than later.

“This time of year always sees an increase of items being shipped, so the sooner you can get your letters and packages in the mail stream, the better chance it has of getting there before Christmas,” Correll said. “Also, there's always the chance of inclement weather happening, so you want to avoid that as well. The sooner you get it in, the less chance there is of it getting slowed down in the system. And if you're planning on ordering something, you need to get online and get that stuff ordered already so it can reach you or the person you're sending it to on time. With the influx of everything we'll be getting in here, it will take some extra time to get everything where it needs to go, and we want to be sure to get every package to its destination in a timely manner. If you want your stuff to get where it needs to be by Christmas, I would say the absolute last day to do that would be around Dec. 15. But like I said, the sooner you can get it processed with us, the sooner that package will get to its destination. There are several mailing options we have at the post office, but we definitely recommend the sooner, the better.”

Correll also offered some advice for packing the items set to ship.

“If you're shipping something that's more fragile, make sure there's as much packing material (bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspaper, etc.) as possible so it's not sliding around and at risk of breaking,” Correll said. “We don't want anything breaking, so we definitely recommend packing everything as well as possible. Also, if you are shipping something like that, let our employees know when you get it here – we'll ask you if your item is breakable or hazardous or anything like that and if it happens to be, we'll mark the box and isolate it to make sure it's not at risk of being broken. Get your packages in early and have everything ready to go when you get to the window so everything can get processed quicker and more smoothly. The more prep people can have done on their packages before they bring them to us, the better it will be for everyone.”

Correll said she is looking forward to seeing what the Liberal Post Office does with the upcoming holiday shipping season. 

“I'm anxious to see if all that new equipment in those plants will work as it should, I know everyone's wondering how all of that will ultimately turn out, but I think it should all work alright,” Correll said. “I know there were a few hiccups last year because of COVID-19 and all of that, but I think this year will see all of that will move more smoothly. Also, I know last year saw us with some extra hours, but that won't be happening – we'll be open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturdays, so that's even more incentive to get everything in early since those extra hours won't be in place for this year. We at the post office would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a great new year coming up. We hope everyone stays happy and healthy and we appreciate all the business we get during this year, we'll do everything we can to get packages where they need to go in a timely manner.”


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