December 01st, 2023

sccc phonathon pictureStudents raised $30,595 in pledges for the SCCC Foundation, which endows funds to students for scholarships as well the programs to support them. Courtesy photo• Seward County Community College


The Seward County Community College Phonathon raised more than $30,000 in April, showing the dedication of students and the support of friends, alumni and community. 

Student athletic teams and organizations, along with academic departments, volunteered their time to raise money for the SCCC Foundation, which endows funds to students for scholarships as well the programs to support them. They raised $30,595 raised in total pledges.

According to Celeste Donovan, SCCC Vice President of Student Services, the Phonathon is a learning experience for the students.

“I think it gives students a sense of how much work it takes to raise money for scholarships,” Donovan said. “So, if they’re receiving a scholarship, they’re more likely not to take it for granted after participating in an event where they helped raise scholarship money.”

Freshman Moises Alvarez, who is in Phi Theta Kappa and Student Government Association, agreed with Donovan. 

“I enjoyed doing something for the school because they have done so much for me in terms of my scholarship,” Alvarez said.  “It’s very important to give back.”

Donovan said the students often "start slow” at each two-hour calling session, but then begin to pick it up at the end.  

“That first half-hour, people struggle for a little bit because they’re not always comfortable calling,” she said. “Once they get somebody (who donates) and are successful with a pledge, then they’re more confident and a little more excited. Usually towards last part of the Phonathon is where they raise the money,” she said.

Alvarez echoed Donovan’s sentiments and shared his feelings after getting a successful donation. 

“One guy gave us like $50 and he said, ‘I’d love to (donate).’ I really liked that. It made me happy that someone was so eager to give,” Alvarez said.

Chandler Kirkhart, annual giving officer for the SCCC Foundation, believes that any donation, no matter how large or small, is significant and appreciated.

“Whether a donor could pledge $2,000 or just a dollar, we truly appreciate their philanthropic heart and want to build a lasting relationship with them,” Kirkhart said. “With that being said, our students should always be at the heart of that relationship, which is why they play a key role in our annual Phonathon.”

Athletic and academic organizations that participated included band, vocal, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, men’s and women’s tennis, Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO), Nursing Level 2, volleyball, Phi Beta Lambda, Student Government Association, Crusader (student newspaper), TRiO/SSS, Campus Messengers for Christ, Phi Theta Kappa, and agriculture.