December 01st, 2023

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Just when summer days grow long and parents may be hearing complaints of boredom, Seward County Community College Kids College comes to the rescue. 

The ever-popular Kids College is now open for registration. With a roster of more than 30 classes, Kids College 2018 offers students ages first through eighth grade an opportunity to “Explore New Worlds” in a wide array of subjects.

The longtime favorite of archery, which enjoyed a bump in popularity thanks to the movie series “The Hunger Games,” a few years back, to the standard life skill of swimming, Kids College provides something for everyone. Director of Business & Industry Norma Jean Dodge said she likes the process of adding new offerings to such old standards.

“We know that things like swimming and the cooking classes – life skills — are always something children need to add to their abilities, but I’m also excited to see what the teachers offer,” she said. “It’s really neat to see how our Kids College students take the things they have learned here, and that becomes part of their lives.”

For example, the 2018 roster of classes provides a chance for students to learn to sew and prepare for the 2019 International Pancake Race, in the “Big Race Sewing” class. Those participants will make their own aprons and head scarves, required attire to compete. In the “Chemistry Christmas” class, students can make unique and beautiful gifts for family members.

Dodge noted that this year’s Kid College courses have been broken into five general categories – Craft & Hobby, Arts & Sciences, Sports & Recreation, Life Skills, and Career Exploration. The categories are not rigid, however.

“For example, we categorized swimming in Life Skills, because it really is something every child needs regardless of whether he or she thinks about athletics,” Dodge said. “Then, in Sports & Recreation, we are encouraging students to take a broader look at sports for life and mental agility as well, with problem-solving in chess, and the creative arcade game design class.” In several subjects, Kids College will offer dual-level instruction, with sessions grouped by age.

Classes are $35 per subject, with the schedule set up to enable students to participate in two subjects during the week. On the final day of class, students will enjoy a pizza party and swimming in the college pool. For complete details, refer to the schedule, check out the B&I page online at the college’s sccc.edu site, or call B&I at 620-417-1171.