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May 28th, 2022

kids college 2022 flyerELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Those looking for some activities for their children for the summer will need to look no farther than Seward County Community College. 

This year's Kids College will be July 18 through 21, and the last day will include a pizza and pool party for everyone. The sessions will be from 8 to 9:15 a.m., 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. and 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Kids College is for students entering first through eighth grade, and fees are $25 per class. 

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“It's a great way for the students to meet other students in their activities, which can help them be more comfortable with their fellow schoolmates,” coordinator Megan Troutner said. “And with a lot of things revolving around social media and screens and all of that, this is also a great chance for them to get out of the house and get active. Every activity has some type of hands-on element to it, whether it's one of the sports classes or art or anything like that, so they definitely won't be bored at any point. For children who might be shy when it comes to socializing, this is also a great way for them to open up and overcome some of that shyness, and for parents, this is a great way for them to have some time to themselves while their children are having some fun. Sign-ups officially started May 9, and we've already had quite a bit of response and some sign-ups for classes, which is awesome. Some of the classes we have for this year include Science of the Human Body, Bowling Basics, Coding Your World, Beginner Crochet, and Gourmet Sandwich Making, among many others.”

With this being her first year in charge of Kids College, Troutner said there are several things she is looking forward to. 

“This is my first year being in charge of Kids College, so I'm playing it somewhat by ear. But I know participation has been awesome in past years, with more than 100 students each year, so I'm hoping to see that this time around. I'm hoping the wide variety of classes will attract a lot of attention and spark local children's interest,” Troutner said. “We have classes that are somewhat like what you'd see in school, and we have classes that are the opposite of what you'd see in school. You can do a sports class or an art class or poetry class, whatever you feel like. I'm really excited to see how things go and I hope everything goes well. I'm hoping for high turnout and I hope to see a lot of children on campus for these classes, because seeing them learn and have fun is always great. I want to see everyone enjoy themselves with what they participate in. When I was younger, I was always happier being in a larger group because I could blend in a little better and have a bit of a buffer, and hopefully we can help those children who might be a little shyer. We also have some Good Vibes classes, which focus on mental health, and there's going to be a Zen garden and it's just a calm space where everyone can talk and express themselves, especially with everything that's happened with COVID-19 and all of that.”

With the popularity of Kids College throughout the community, Troutner added encouragement for parents to sign their children up sooner rather than later. 

“The classes fill up really fast, especially the sports classes, so if there's something specific your child wants to do, get them signed up ASAP so they're guaranteed a spot,” Troutner said. “We're taking sign-ups all the way through July 18, but that doesn't mean everything will still be open, so again, if there's something you want a guaranteed spot in, get signed up quickly. We hate to see children disappointed because the class they REALLY wanted is full, so I would say if your child knows what class(es) they want to do, get them signed up soon because there’s no telling how long a class will be open.”

Overall, Troutner said, she hopes the children who participate have a fun experience with this year’s Kids College. 

“I’m looking forward to the overall experience of everything. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of energy the students bring and how excited they are to be in their classes and everything,” Troutner said. “I also hope everything goes well and we see increased turnout for next year, I think that would be amazing. I want to see Kids College go on for a long time, because there's not really anything else like this in the community for children. Also, if you do want to sign your child up, I would like everyone to be aware we're going to summer hours starting May 16, which is 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday. We also have some paperwork that needs to be filled out, and we do have a notary to help with that aspect of everything. If anyone has any questions, they can get in touch with me here at SCCC at (620) 417-1173, and I'll be happy to help.”