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July 02nd, 2022

mosaic logoROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


Like most employers, non-profit agencies need workers too. Liberal’s Mosaic office has been a little short handed lately in its staffing, but it got some help June 13 with an in-person hiring event.

The event took place at Mosaic’s office in east Liberal, and Director Janeth Trevizo said she was quite pleased with the results.

“That went really well,” she said. “We had people coming in and out. We hired five people. I’m not sure how many people came in, but we had a lot of recruitment, a lot of Facebook posts.”

Trevizo said the agency did much advertising through other means as well.

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“We put flyers out in the community,” she said. “We were just really happy to see people come in and go through the whole interview process, background checks and leaving with an offer after they met all of the qualifications.”

The Kansas Legislature recently passed and Governor Laura Kelly signed into law Senate Bill 267, which helps non-profit agencies such as Mosaic provide wages competitive to those in the private sector. Since the bill was approved during the most recent legislative session, though, Trevizo said Mosaic has yet to see any affects from it.

“Our national office and here in Liberal, we’re working together to set a budget and a plan for implementation of that once that comes through,” she said. “We haven’t seen any changes in the rates yet. We keep renewing and keeping an eye on the Web site to see when it finally hits with the rate changes.”

Though the agency obtained a few new staff from the recent hiring event, Trevizo said Mosaic is still looking for more.

“We’re always recruiting and wanting more people to come join our team,” she said. “Our culture is really inclusive. We have flexible hours. We have great benefits, and I think we are building a culture where you want to come to work.”

Trevizo said this is reflected in Mosaic’s retention rates.

“We are needing more people,” she said. “We hit our hiccups of turnover. We need some all-call people for backup.”

As an extra incentive, at this time, Mosaic is giving new employees a hiring bonus of $500 paid out through six months.

“You get a portion of it at the beginning and a portion after six months of employment,” Trevizo said. 

The bonus is being done for Mosaic’s Direct Service Professionals, and Trevizo said those who work overnight shifts get an additional $1.50 an hour.

“We are providing some incentives right now prior to implementing the provider rate,” she said. “Our starting wage is $12 an hour, and if you work an overnight shift, you get an additional $1.50.”

As with all workplaces, Trevizo said more staff always works out well for Mosaic, and agency leaders love job fairs to try to get some of that new help.

“This one’s fairly new, but in the past, they’ve been very successful,” she said. “At the beginning here, they start job shadowing. They fall in love with the individuals in service and the work they do, and we start seeing a routine of life for our individuals in service.”