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May 28th, 2023

bazaar days 2021Shoppers get a good look at some deals during last year’s Bazaar Days. This year’s Bazaar Days will be July 22 and 23, with several Liberal business expected to participate. L&T file photo/Elly GrimmELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Those looking for some great deals will soon have a perfect opportunity later this month thanks to the Liberal Chamber of Commerce. 

Bazaar Days 2022 will be July 22 (from 6 a.m. to the business’ closing time) and July 23 (regular business hours). Liberal Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rozelle Webb said there should be something for everyone that weekend. 

“Throughout those two days, businesses will have some of their merchandise out on the businesses, typically on discount, and we encourage all businesses and restaurants to participate and have some bargains for shoppers,” Webb said. “Since everything is still a few weeks away, we’re currently asking businesses if they’d like to participate and if they are, to let us know. There are a handful of businesses that have participated every year, and I’m sure they will again this year, but at the moment, we’re still taking participants.”

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Webb added she hopes many local businesses participate for this year’s Bazaar Days. 

“Bazaar Days is always a really good time for businesses to sell items they’ve either had for a while or maybe they’re out of season, so they want to unload some of that. So Bazaar Days is a great opportunity for businesses to do a little cleaning out, and it’s a fun day for shoppers,” Webb said. “We always have shoppers who come in from many parts of the area, including Southeast Colorado, the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, and other towns in Southwest Kansas, and it’s always great seeing a lot of people in town to shop and have fun. It’s also a great chance, if businesses will put some of their merchandise outside the store, so people will stop and take a better look and ultimately go in the store too, so that’s a great way to draw people in. If a business wants to participate, all they need to do is give the Chamber of Commerce office a call at (620) 624-3855 and let us know they want to participate. And there’s no charge for the businesses to participate, we just like to be able to tell the public what all businesses will be participating those two days and give them a list. Bazaar Days has always been big because of when we have it, which is kind of close to back-to-school time, so parents are already thinking about new clothes and supplies and things like that for their children, and Bazaar Days is a good time for them to find bargains on that stuff.”

Overall, Webb said, there is a lot to be excited about with this year’s event. 

“We have some new stores in town, so I hope they participate. I’m looking forward to drawing a lot of people to Liberal to shop and eat and hang out for those two days, I think we’ll see a great turnout,” Webb said. “And again, I hope the businesses put their merchandise out in front of their stores, it makes everything look really festive and it’s more likely to draw the crowds in. We’re still in the planning stages of what we’ll be doing special for Bazaar Days here at the Chamber, but we will get the word out about all of that when everything is finalized and officially ready to go. I think people are probably, more than ever this year, looking for good bargains, so I think we’ll see a lot of people out and about shopping and seeing what deals they can come away with from that weekend.”

Webb added her favorite part of Bazaar Days every year is seeing the crowds and the different businesses that participate.

“The businesses enjoy doing it, so it’s great to be able to have this event with them to help them out and help them draw customers. I also always think it’s cool seeing all the different merchandise in front of the stores and seeing people browsing through everything looking for what they need,” Webb said. “The most frequent comment we get from the participating businesses is how busy they were and let us know how happy they were with the community turnout to their store. I’ve also heard from so many people about how they found EXACTLY what they were looking for at a great bargain, so ultimately, Bazaar Days helps both the businesses and the shopping public. We’ve already gotten a bunch of phone calls asking about Bazaar Days and who all will be participating, and I’m expecting even more of those in the next few weeks. There are a lot of people who plan that weekend around Bazaar Days so they can come in and shop and hang out and all of that.”

Knowing Bazaar Days has such a big reach is a good feeling, Webb said. 

“The Liberal Is Oz-Some Committee helps us with Bazaar Days, and their job is to draw people to town, and they do a great job of that,” Webb said. “Events like this are a great way to do that, so we all feel really blessed to have people come in from such a wide area. We advertise in a 100-mile radius, so within the next few weeks, we’ll continue spreading the word about this year through the radio, newspaper, social media, our Chamber Web site, and a lot of other different ways, so there’s no way people won’t know this will be going on. It’s a great time to find bargains, so I would say come on out and see what you can find. I’d encourage everyone to come to Bazaar Days and shop in our stores and eat in the restaurants and spend some time shopping and looking for those great bargains!”