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October 06th, 2022

yard of the weekGloria Quattrone relaxes in her yard with her bulldog after being chosen as this week’s Yard of the Week by the City of Liberal. L&T photo/Robert PierceROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


The City of Liberal’s Yard of the Week this week is the home of Gloria Quattrone at 1639 N. Nelson Ave.

Quattrone’s front yard is colored with pink petunias, some of the double variety, and they vary from smaller plants to bigger ones. Quattrone said she got the double petunias from Michigan.

“Michigan’s a great state that produces a lot of plants, and they’re doing the double flowers,” she said. “They started the double petunias last year, and they were a hit. They’re going to continue to double the petunias.”

Quattrone said the petunias add color, which she said is her intent. Her husband loves color in the yard, and the colors continue in the couple’s backyard with yellow, purple and red flowers.

“Here he liked the pink,” she said referring to the front yard. “We sit outside and enjoy the color the flowers bring to the house.”

The Quattrones too relax in the backyard, enjoying the colors there as well, and Gloria said she likes to move plants between the two yards. She also likes finding unique ways to display her plants.

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“This one plant, the container was a twin bed where my friend cut the legs off, and I use it as a container,” she said. “I look for different containers that are unique.”

The beauty of the yard can likewise be enjoyed after the sun sets.

“My cage topiaries light up, and the topiaries to the left light up,” Quattrone said. “I have lights underneath the eaves, so at night, it’s very pretty.”

To get these results may seem like a lot of work, but Quattrone said she does not mind the effort it takes at all.

“I like to stay busy, so working on the yard helps me not think about anything,” she said.