December 05th, 2023

city of liberal logoELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


The Liberal City Commission will have a busy agenda at its next meeting this evening starting at 5:30. Tonight’s meeting will be in the commission chambers at the Liberal Recreation Center at 950 S. Grant Ave.

Up first for the commission will be discussion of the 2024 budget, which will include a public hearing and Resolution 2405 concerning the budget’s adoption.

“The City’s 2024 Notice of Budget Hearing was published in the High Plains Daily Leader and Times Sept. 14, and contains a proposed total budget amount of $58,755,800, a mill levy dollar amount of $6,932,801, and an estimated mill levy of 53.288 mills, based upon the July 1, 2023 estimated valuation, which is identical to the number of mills contained within the City’s 2023 budget,” the agenda information noted. 

Up next for the commission will be discussion of a new cutaway bus price increase. 

“On July 13, 2021, CityBus was approved to purchase a new cutaway bus for the replacement of the totaled CityBus #214, in the amount of $77,466.06,” the agenda information noted. “This bus is still on order and we were notified the total cost increased by $62,493.94, to be funded by $49,995.15 from KDOT and $7,209.78 from the Economic Development portion of the 1-cent sales tax.”

The commission will also hear a request for the purchase of trash bags. 

“The City of Liberal currently has about three months’ supply of trash bags in stock. City staff has contacted our regular vendors for quotes. Dyna Pak Corp. quoted $64 per case, black 2-mil bags for a truckload of 780 cases,” 

Up next for the commission will be discussion of repairs to General Welch Blvd.

“Staff sent out requests for quotes and had only received two back. They are from Maestro Concrete and French Construction. Maestro’s quote is $425,964 and the French Construction quote is $449,640.15,” the agenda information noted. “Staff is recommending the commission award the project to French Construction for the repair of General Welch Blvd. to not to exceed $450,000 to come out of Airport budget with Reimbursement for the Airport ARPA grant through the FAA.”

The commission will also hear a request for the purchase of a pair of generators for the Water Department shop and will also be discussing the purchase of security equipment. 

“City staff are working with INA Alert to install cameras, facial recognition, electronic door locks, and panic buttons at previously approved locations. Those locations include the Liberal Police Department building, the Municipal Court, the LPD Evidence Building, the Liberal Animal Shelter, park buildings, and the Liberal Recreation Center,” the agenda information noted. “The total for this would be $322,814.15.”

To conclude the meeting, the commission will be discussing the Stepping Stone Shelter.