February 29th, 2024

tcec hardesty presentationPictured L–R Brittney Davis, TCEC; Chad Fox, Hardesty Principal/Superintendent; Alberta Brown, Hardesty Board President; Les Shrum and Wayne Nelson with VIP Electrical and Security. Courtesy photoTri-County Electric Cooperative


Hardesty Schools are about to get a whole lot brighter, all thanks to the generosity of Tri-County Electric Cooperative and VIP Electrical and Security.

Teachers and students alike will have a transformation of their learning environments, as TCEC’s GiFTS (Giving Funds to Schools) program and donations from VIP are set to play a pivotal role in the schools’ lighting makeover.

It is no secret that well-lit classrooms vastly improve the learning environment, and TCEC’s initiative is a shining example of community service fostering student success. 

The $1500 donation made through TCEC’s GiFTS program is set to make a transformative difference for students at Hardesty Schools.

Chad Fox, the Hardesty Superintendent, applied for funding through the TCEC GiFTS program, 

“The current light situation in the Pre K/K classroom is the old ballast and fluorescent bulb system. Several of the lights or ballasts are out, and with a very limited maintenance department, repairing or replacing the correct part is difficult,” Fox shared. 

Recognizing the strain such circumstances placed on the school and, most importantly, the students, Fox partnered with TCEC to seek a solution.

Upon receiving the much-needed funds, the school administrator reached out to VIP Electrical and Security for their expertise, asking them to contribute their labor to the project. 

The call was met with an enthusiastic ‘yes,’ and VIP has pledged not just to donate labor but also the materials necessary to install brand-new LED lights in the pre-K/K classroom.

The gracious donation from VIP allowed the TCEC GiFTS donation to be extended to the agricultural shop. Outdated systems will soon be replaced with energy-efficient LEDs.

For students at Hardesty, the benefits of these lighting updates go beyond better illumination. They will provide a great example of how the power of community support can spark significant change.

To learn more about the TCEC GiFTS program, visit our website at community/youth-education/gifts-program/.