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August 13th, 2020

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After selecting the mayor and vice mayor, the Liberal City Commission will have a full plate during its next meeting this evening starting at 5:30. 

The commission will start off by revisiting discussion of General Obligation Bonds Series 2020, which will be used for the acquisition of a new street sweeper and to prepay and refinance the 2006 lease on City Hall. The commission will be asked to review the bids presented and then approve Ordinance No. 4535 and Resolution No. 2325 regarding these matters. 

“We’re continuing with what we had discussed the last time I was here as far as the financing of a new street sweeper you had passed the legal documentation for at the September meeting to be able to finance it with GO bonds,” Beth Warren with Ranson Financial said at the commission’s Dec. 30 meeting. “With the charter ordinance that was passed at that time, the 60-day protest period came and went with no protests being filed, and we’ve brought the legal documents to move forward with the overall process and bond issue to finance not only the street sweeper but also prepay and refinance the 2006 lease on the City Hall and those permits. In your package, you should a few pages of items from Ranson Financial, with the first one being an overall timetable. Based on that, tonight is the meeting taking place that’s going to authorize everything and there are two resolutions – the first resolution will be to authorize the project tied to the street sweeper and the second resolution will authorize the overall project tied to prepaying that 2006 capital lease for the City Hall improvements. Then a third resolution will be to call for the formal bond sale highlighted on your timetable on Jan. 14. If everything moves forward as planned, the issue will close Jan. 28, which is when all the funds would be wired, the lease would be paid off and the city would have its funds to reimburse itself for the street sweeper that’s already been purchased.” 

Warren had also talked about some timetables at that meeting. 

“Another thing in here is the estimated debt service schedule on the street sweeper, that’s for the cost of the street sweeper only, and right now we’ve looked at a five-year amortization schedule and the estimated total PNI payment is roughly $36,000,” Warren said at the Dec. 30 meeting. “This is well under the budget Chris [Ford] has provided. We could look at increasing the payment so the payment schedule could be shorter but if we do that, it will bump it up. Or you could leave it where it is now, that’s completely up to the commission. We also looked at a six-year amortization schedule, there wouldn’t be a huge change in the overall annual payment since the six-year plan would be an estimated $31,000 versus the $36,000 I mentioned earlier if you wanted to stretch everything out some but again, that’s up to the commission.”

The commission will also be asked to approve Resolution No. 2319, which concerns the abatement of several environmental violations at properties throughout Liberal. These properties include lots at Gaslight Village Mobile Home Park, Western Mobile Home Park South, Cimarron Mobile Home Park, Sage Mobile Home Park, 4-U Mobile Home Park, Western Mobile Home Park North and Sunnyside Mobile Home Park, according to the agenda information. Other properties in violation include 515 N. Grant, 318 N. Pershing, 308 N. Pershing, 36 S. Sherman, 229 S. Webster, 120 S. Calhoun, 111 S. Cain and 527 S. Oklahoma, according to the agenda information. 

“All of the property owners and/or tenants have been notified of the violations of the City Code and the 10-day period of abatement, as required by City Ordinance, has elapsed,” the agenda information noted.

The commission will also be asked to approve several vehicle abatements as well as the demolition of a structure in the Terwilliger-Weidensaul addition of the city. Parts of the project regarding turning the former South Middle School building into the community recreation center will also be on the agenda for the commission, and a project for a trail by the National Beef Sports Complex will also be revisited. 

“The City was notified of grant approval in June 2019, but federal funds were not yet allocated. Official notice of the grant approval was received Jan. 6, 2020, and the grant is approved for $234,679.10,” the agenda information noted. “KC Park will be a tribute to Kaiser Carlile and will be set between the Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth baseball fields at the National Beef Sports Complex. The park will be baseball-themed and accessible to all children.”

To conclude the meeting, the commission will also be asked to make an appointment to the Liberal Convention and Visitors’ Bureau Advisory Board. 

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