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July 05th, 2020

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The USD 480 will continue planning for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year during its next meeting Monday evening starting at 6:30. 

The administrator reports will begin with discussion of a rough draft of the USD 480 Restart Plan (which can be viewed at, and will also include technology updates. 

“We’re continuing our access point audit at this point,” the agenda information noted. “At Seymour Rogers Middle School, there were two access points down in A129 and D133 (Office No. 3) – the lines tested good, determined the access point was malfunctioning, so we replaced both and sent in for warranty replacement. At the Liberal High School East Campus, A128 did not have an access point, this was resolved and in the South East Gym, the old access points are also not functioning. We will replace and reposition two new access points during vape detector wiring and during the vape detector wiring work, we will run two access point lines for use during enrollment in the south hallway. With our Chromebook recovery efforts, we are walking buildings and looking for Chromebook and accessories to recover. At Eisenhower Middle School, there were 20 bags, four Chromebooks and seven chargers found. At Seymour Rogers Middle School, there were no additional items recovered. At the LHS East Campus, one iPad, one Elmo, two bags, five Chromebooks, six chargers, and six N22's (old Chromebooks) recovered. At LHS, the plan is to walk and recover next week. 284 emails were sent out to students and parents about outstanding Chromebooks (240 still out as of June 23) and to remind them another late fee would be applied starting July 6.”

Up first under new business for the board will be the 2020-2021 Charging Policy for school meals. The policy is the same as last year. 

“For K-5 students, at any point during the school year, a student shall have no more than 3 outstanding unpaid meal charges. On the fourth day to charge, the student will be allowed to use money from an Emergency Fund account for one meal only. When the student brings money the next day, the Emergency Fund must be repaid and the rest of the money will go to the students account. On the fifth day, if no money has been sent for meals, the student will get a sack lunch of a homemade peanut butter sandwich, carrots sticks, an apple and milk (these meals will still be charged to the students account.) The cashier will send low balance letters home with students when the student has two days’ worth of meal money on their account. Cashier will also attempt to call parents when account goes into a negative balance,” the agenda information noted. “6-8 Students: At any point during the school year, a student shall have no more than three outstanding unpaid meal charges. Cashiers will verbally tell students when their account is getting low and/or ask student to call parents to let them know money is needed. It is the student’s responsibility to ask the cashier the balance on their account or give the cashier enough time to tell them their balance before walking away from the cashier.  High school students are not allowed to charge any meals. They will be given the opportunity to call a parent or borrow money from a friend if needed. No adult charging is allowed anytime.”

The 2020-2021 Wellness Policy will also be up for discussion. 

“USD 480 Wellness Committee mission: “Offering opportunities to enhance the health and well-being of our students, staff, and families in our school communities,” the policy in the agenda information noted. “The district’s mission states ‘USD 480 provides a safe, quality, and caring learning experience for every learner, every day.’ In the opinion of the District Wellness Committee, a person is only as successful as their health will allow. A huge part of making our students functional and prosperous is giving them the invaluable understanding of the importance of lifetime health. The District Wellness Committee will act as the facilitator for creating opportunities for enhancing our students’ overall health and wellness. For this reason, I believe the values of the committee align with the values of the district, as the overall goal is to create well-rounded students who are not only able to function in society after their education, but to be able to thrive and excel, and health is a large aspect of that.”

The board will also be asked to approve the Transportation Useful Life Policy and will then be asked to approve some new courses for the 2020-2021 school year. 

“The following courses were approved by the curriculum committee June 22, 2020: Self-Management (Eisenhower Middle School); and Welding (Seymour Rogers Middle School) and Spanish Culture (Seymour Rogers Middle School),” the agenda information noted. 

Girls and Boys Wrestling will also be up for discussion again for the board. 

“Our league has voted to add a split season to wrestling. This would mirror our split seasons for basketball. October to December – Girls Basketball/Boys Wrestling; and January to March would include Boys Basketball/Girls Wrestling. This will go into effect for the 2020-2021 school year,” the agenda information noted. “The league schools – Great Bend, Hays, and both Dodge City schools have approved a separate Girls Wrestling season. Additional cost to the district would be the salary of one coach per school.  No additional uniforms or equipment would need to be purchased. There will be some travel expenses. Staff is recommending the board approve the addition of a girls head wrestling coach for Eisenhower Middle School and Seymour Rogers Middle School.”

To conclude the new business, the board will discuss the district’s Supplemental Handbook and will be asked to approve the purchase of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Literacy Program for Liberal High School. 

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