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October 22nd, 2020

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The USD 480 school board will have a very easy meeting for itself Monday evening starting at 6:30 in Maskus Auditorium at Liberal High School. 

Up first will be the administrators’ reports, starting with Superintendent Renae Hickert. 

“KSDE has eliminated the student daily learning log,” the agenda information noted. “Each parent will have to sign an assurances form and teachers must log daily contact with remote learners.  The teachers daily contact log is required for funding. Also, board members will sign up for truancy court.”

Also presenting a report will be Director of Elementary Education Lana Evans. 

Squeaky Clean Shine Time ARTICLE

“We have utilized Safe Schools on-line program to deliver the required professional learning that is mandated by KSDE. Each certified staff member is required to view each area,” Evans’ report in the agenda information noted. the program keeps records and provides us with updates and status. ALICE delivers content electronically to each certified staff member. Certified staff who have all sessions completed by Oct. 9 will receive the Oct. 18, workday off. Classified staff are required to participate in the mandated PD as well. The training will be provided at the building level. Information on the Student Air Rifle Program is attached, and the purpose of that program is to increase involvement in shooting sports, enhance educational performance, and promote positive youth development through firearms safety and target shooting education. The vision of the program is everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the shooting sports and target shooting will be universally regarded as a safe, relevant and educational activity.”

Director of Technology Rusty Tuman will also have a report for the board. 

“We will need to replace elementary chromebooks that have not been returned from remote learners or were broken during the pandemic and were switched out,” the agenda information noted. “There were 44 not returned and eight broken during remote learning. This is CARES Act eligible and the estimated cost is $24,000.”

After a COVID-19 update for the board, the board will then move on to its lone item of new business for the evening concerning approval of changes to board policies JCDAD (concerning alcohol, drugs and tobacco), and GCRI (concerning vacation time). 

“Full-time classified employees of the board may be granted a paid vacation each year. Full-time classified personnel shall be given  two weeks paid vacation per fiscal year. After 10 or more consecutive years of employment by  USD 480, three weeks paid vacation will be granted. After 20 years of consecutive employment, the employee will be granted 20 days of vacation,” the agenda information noted regarding Policy GCRI. “Prior approval to use vacation leave must be obtained by the employee’s direct supervisor. Vacation days may be scheduled from July 1 of the fiscal year in which it was earned to Oct. 31 of the following fiscal year. Days unused at the end of this period will not be carried over. The superintendent may extend the deadline to Dec. 31 of the following fiscal year if extenuating circumstances prevent employee(s) from using all vacation leave by Oct. 31. An employee may not take more than two weeks of vacation at any given time.”

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