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December 03rd, 2020

trump truckCourtesy photoROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


A privately-owned giant Trump Truck was scheduled to be in Guymon, Okla., today before making its way Friday to Liberal and Saturday to Hooker, Okla.

“What we’ve got is a five-axle semi trailer that’s decorated with Trump and Pence all over it,” Texas County, Okla., Republican Chair Linda Ridley said Wednesday. “It’s empty. We’re trying to get it to Guymon on Thursday and Liberal on Friday, and Saturday is when it’s going to be in Hooker. Hooker is actually the one that’s the biggest host. The name of this truck is ‘The Red Giant.’”

At noon Friday, the truck is scheduled to make its way down Kansas Avenue to a location that is not yet known.

“We will need someplace to park it in Liberal,” Ridley said.

Saturday’s stop in Hooker will bring a great group of speakers to the podium, as the truck is scheduled to arrive in that Panhandle community at 10 a.m. Saturday at Love’s Country Store in Hooker before starting the Trump Train at 4 p.m. on Glaydas Street and finishing at Hooker City Park.

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Ridley is the emcee for the event, and she said some local and state leaders will be on hand for the stop.

“We’ve got David Vail,” she said. “He’s the mayor of Hooker, and he’s going to welcome everybody to Hooker. Pastor Chris McFarland of the Gospel of Grace Church is going to be saying the prayer. We’re going to have Katie McKinley and Annica Slater as vocalists, and they will be singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’ A police officer for Hooker is going to be doing the pledge.”

Ridley said the event came together with the help of herself and other avid Trump supporters in the area.

“We want to get him re-elected,” she said. “We’re trying to get as much publicity as we can, and this truck is going to bring on publicity. It’s a monster.”

Bryan Dax of Wisconsin is the owner of the truck, and Ridley said he has been driving it all across the country.

“He’s driven it a long way, and he wants to show it off to as many people as he can,” she said. 

Also on the schedule for Saturday are Pastor David Desmond Player of Guymon’s Victory Memorial United Methodist Church, as well as Oklahoma 61st House District Representative Kenton Patzkowski and Texas County Sheriff Matt Boley, who wants to talk to everyone about State Question 805 on the Oklahoma ballot for the upcoming general election.

“He needs to make people aware of what they’re voting on,” Ridley said.

McKinley and Slater will close out the evening with the singing of “God Bless America.”

Ridley said she has high expectations for all of the area stops on the Trump Truck tour.

“We’re looking for a good group,” she said. “The person who did the Trump rally in Liberal, she wants to join in too. We’re going to have all the people who she had behind her too.”

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