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November 26th, 2020

ormiston farms crewThe Ormiston Farms crew celebrates after breaking a harvest record earlier this month. Rocky Ormiston said he was very proud of the accomplishment and the ability to bring the record to Liberal and Seward County. Courtesy photoELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Most people who work in the agricultural field and with farming operations simply go about their work and do not look for any special recognition or attention. 

Earlier this month, however, one local farming operation received a lot of recognition for breaking a harvest record. As Rocky Ormiston tells it, the feat has been roughly a year in the making. 

“Last year at harvest we used an all-across combine, it was a Lexion 760TT and there was another farm that broke the record with that combine, which is a bigger design and has more capacity than our previous models,”  Ormiston said. “Ultimately, after hearing about that, we thought 'If someone else can set the record with that combine, why couldn't we do something like that?' So we planted our crop like usual, we've got a 322-acre field that's capable of very high yields, so we planted everything like normal and then went about our harvest. The tractor we used for this year was a 2020 CLAAS 8700TT (which has a 16-row non-chopping head), and CLAAS was actually there and so were some other people to verify everything that happened, and that combine never stopped save for a few brief moments where the driver changed and also when we had to unload. We stopped at the 8-hour mark, then the 10-hour mark and finally at the 12-hour mark. We also had two grain carts and six trucks and hauled all the corn to the bins, which are 7 to 7.5 miles away, to a 12,500 bushel leg. Everything happened Saturday, Oct. 3 at the farm and then we were told we broke the record.”

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For this year’s feat, Ormiston said everything happened very quickly. 

“We work really closely with CLAAS, so we contacted them about two days beforehand and told them we were ready to go,” Ormiston said. “We'd decided we were going to go for it, it was just a matter of when we were officially going to do it and then getting ahold of them so everything could be verified and documented and all of that.”

Overall, Ormiston said, it was a great feeling breaking the record. 

“We broke all the different records at this, we broke the 8-hour mark record and the other marked time records, and as far as the amount of bushels, we blew that out of the water,” Ormiston said. “No one really relaxed until after the 12-hour mark and then after we were officially told we had broken the record, that's when we all started slowing down and relaxing and celebrating what we'd done. We'd gone out to destroy the record, which we did by about 7,000 bushels, I believe. There was champagne and other celebratory drinks and things like that, it was a great feeling.”

Even with that in mind, Ormiston said, it will be a long time before attempting another such feat. 

“It's going to need to be broken again before we attempt this in the future,” Ormiston said with a laugh. “Records are meant to be broken, and I'm sure our record will be broken, so after that happens is when we'll go for it again and we'll be ready again. In the meantime, though, we'll just go about our business as usual and doing what we do best, farming. Having the record now, it feels really good, and it couldn't have been accomplished without the team we had out there that day, everyone pitched in and did a great job with their part of everything, and I'm glad we did this and brought the record to not only Ormiston Farms but also Seward County. There were so many people out there helping.”

Ormiston again expressed pleasure about breaking the record. 

“I'm very proud of us having this accomplishment, I'm very proud we were able to come together and bring this record to the area, it's a really big deal to be able to do something like this,” Ormiston said. “This was done what we call the real world way and we didn't prepare the circles for the record. Along with all the crew that was out there, I'd also like to thank out CLAAS territory manager Nick Jacobson who helped drive that day, and I'd also like to thank Jaeger Family Farms who loaned us an extra truck.”

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