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November 24th, 2020

shelter article new 2 sept====FROM Nov. 19, 2011====

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October was a very busy month for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration students at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School in Liberal. Students assisted the College’s maintenance department with preventative maintenance, performed service calls and installed furnaces in the community.

They also voted to form a Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) Student Chapter. Officers elected are Jake Higgins, president, Hugoton; David Hawk, vice president, Liberal; Taylor Collins, secretary, Plains; Marcus Munoz, treasurer, Hugoton; and Jesus Cordova, recorder, Liberal.

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At the first meeting in October, the chapter formed an Exploratory Committee to develop a plan on how to assist low income citizens with their heating problems. The committee met with Kay Burtzloff, Executive Director of the Seward County United Way, to discuss the project. She provided the committee with two contacts for referring clients, and other great advice. The committee has developed flyers that they will distribute to the local senior centers to get the word out about their desire to assist low income citizens with their heating problems.

The committee also chose the name “LIGHT” for the project, which stands for Low Income Grants Heating Technicians. The committee felt the name describes what they hope to do to help low income people. To light their furnaces to help keep them warm this winter.

The RSES chapter is also exploring an association relationship with the RSES chapter in Wichita. An association relationship with the Wichita chapter would help students develop their concept of universality and brotherhood in the HVAC community. The Wichita chapter also offers annual scholarships for which the students can compete.

The RSES Student chapter is also planning to participate in the continuing education efforts of the area HVAC community. It is one of their goals to assist in the development of a stronger, more modern HVAC and plumbing community.

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