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January 19th, 2021

tawater capitolCrowds of thousands join in recent rallies in Washington D.C. awaiting the decision of a joint session of Congress to accept or reject the results of the electoral college in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden. Courtesy photoROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


Wednesday, Jan. 20, is inauguration day for the newest U.S. president. Though the winner of November’s election was called in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden, last week, the results of that election were called into question, as federal lawmakers were asked to either accept or object the results from the electoral college.

Millions of Americans made their way to the nation’s capitol last week in support of both sides of the debate, and among those rallying was Kansas First District Republican Party Chair Laura Tawater.

Tawater said she was part of a prayer team in Washington D.C., a team that participated in various rallies hosted by conservative organizations around Capitol Hill.

“They had special speakers,” she said. “We had marches. There were faith leaders who were praying, and we participated in that.”

Tawater said rally participants were able to pray for the country, as well as others in attendance, and she was also able to meet with incoming First District Congressman Tracey Mann.

“We talked about the joint session a little bit,” she said. “I was able to meet his D.C. staff. We had a very productive meeting.”

On her final day in Washington, Tawater attended the rally for President Trump, and she said she saw hundreds of thousands of patriots from across America at the National Mall.

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“There were people everywhere,” she said. “We were just shoulder to shoulder. Trump and a lot of his family members spoke – Don Jr., Eric Trump. The president was the last to speak while I was there, and he gave us a really encouraging message.”

Much of the coverage of last week’s events by the mainstream media portrayed the gatherings as violent, with some reports of a group invading Capitol Hill. Tawater said her experiences showed very little of that.

“Everyone was polite to one another,” she said. “We were helping each other out while we were there. We were praying for one another. During the rally, we had several speakers who were praying for the president and for our country.”

Tawater said what she has seen from national news sources has not portrayed accurately at all the majority of what happened.

“I’m not aware of who and how the Capitol was breached or who’s a part of that, but I can tell you the rallies themselves were non-violent, very peaceful and very encouraging,” she said. “It just seems like the whole thing was very spiritual. We did a lot of praying. We were serving one another.”

To go even further, Tawater said some who were on hand surrendered their life to Jesus Christ.

“They were raising their hands, wanting to become Christians,” she said. “Those were the kinds of things I was seeing and was a part of.”

Tawater said with the rallies she was a part of, the majority of the people were peaceful.

“It was non-violent,” she said. “There weren’t riots. I wasn’t a part of any breaching. I don’t know how that went down. I can’t even tell you who was a part of that.”

Like many, Tawater said she has heard some reports members of those groups were possibly part of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups.

“I can tell you they did infiltrate our group, our rally,” she said. “Some of them dressed like that, and some of them were actually identified as members of these left wing groups. I know they were trying to cause problems within our group. I know that. I just can’t tell you about the Capitol breach and what happened there. I can just tell you about the rallies themselves, and they weren’t riots. Nobody was destroying properties, and nobody was hurting each other.”

Tawater said she saw patriots from coast to coast coming together to support President Trump and stand against election fraud.

“That’s why we were all there,” she said. “We were there for one another. I think as Americans, we care deeply about one another and our freedom. There was some frustration in that we feel like we’re losing our country, but none of that turn into violence. In fact, people were full of joy to be around other like-minded patriots of America. These rallies were very uplifting, very encouraging.”

With the election results now certified and Biden to be inaugurated next week, Tawater said GOP leaders are now asking for divine intercession.

“At this point, what we are doing is praying and asking for God’s intervention,” she said. “None of us are surrendering. We believe election fraud did occur. We know a lot of states broke the law, and we’re wanting justice. I think at this point, we’re just relying on God to reveal those things. When it looks like the process is done, we’re believing God is not finished. We’re all just praying. We’re praying for our president. We believe he won the election, and we’re praying for a miracle at this point.”

Though the final vote was in favor of accepting the electoral college results, most Kansas lawmakers voted to reject those results,  and Tawater said she was proud of how the Sunflower State’s GOP delegation voted on the matter.

“All of our Republican congresspeople voted to reject the election results,” she said. “Senator Marshall voted to reject the election results. We are all very proud and supportive of them, and we will continue to be. We’ve thanked them. We’ve reached out to them.”

Though Biden will become president, Tawater said Republican leaders are still believing in a miracle.

“We believe and know cheating was involved in the election,” she said. “We are still believing for a miracle, and we want our president back. We don’t believe Biden Harris is a legitimate ticket. We believe there was election fraud that occurred, so we’re just praying and hoping this gets resolved before the inauguration. We want our president to serve a second term.”

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