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January 19th, 2021

L&T staff report


In response to questions presented to the Martin Luther King Committee in Liberal about the celebration for 2021, it is with a heavy heart the committee has decided to not have the celebration this year due to the pandemic. 

“COVID-19 has stopped us in our tracks,” a release from the committee noted. “We had talked about having a march only, but in retrospect, this community and America need to take this day, reflect on what Martin Luther King Jr. fought and died for, and have a day of prayer Monday, Jan. 18. If Dr. King was here right now, he would be so hurt all his work has not made as much of a difference in America as we would like to see.”

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Overall, the release continued, with the pandemic still raging, the committee did not want to contribute to rising numbers. 

“The committee was seeing this celebration get larger as far as attendance and becoming a platform that was bringing all ethnic groups together to celebrate Dr. King’s life and legacy, and we want to continue to grow this celebration,” the release noted. “But, with the pandemic, we do not want to contribute to that. So we are asking on Monday, Jan. 18 at 4:30 p.m., that members of the community stop what they are doing, and say a prayer for the community, the U.S. and the world.”

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