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March 02nd, 2021

seward gop reorganizationNewly-elected Seward County GOP Vice Chair Andy Stewart talks to fellow party members Wednesday during the party’s reorganizational meeting. L&T photo/Robert PierceROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


Wednesday, the Seward County Republican Party reorganized its leadership by re-electing its chairperson and electing a new vice chair.

Tammy Sutherland-Abbott was chosen by party members to remain as the chair, while Andy Stewart was picked to be the GOP’s vice chairman.

Sutherland-Abbott said her primary goal is the energize the local Republican party and increase both voter turnout and voter rolls. To do this, she said the party needs more action and involvement from its members.

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Sutherland-Abbott added this can also be accomplished by motivating members to want to do more, and she believes the Democratic Party and the mainstream media have helped her in that realm.

Sutherland-Abbott said local GOP leaders likewise need to do a better job of getting the party’s message across.

“We just have to focus on our positive attributes and what we believe in and put God at the helm and let Him control us,” she said.

Sutherland-Abbott’s vision for the local party is one that gets back to the heart of what America is about.

“I love the United States,” she said. “Our goal for the Republican Party of Seward County is to do everything in our power to keep our country from becoming a socialist country. The founding roots of our republic need to be remembered and reminded to us in history learned of what made the United States what it is – a great republic. I want to protect the Constitution, but it is extremely important to me that our constitution stands as it is written.”

Wednesday also saw members of the U.S. House vote to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time, with many of those voting in favor being Republicans. Local resident Steve Leete spoke about the vote made by members of Congress at Wednesday’s meeting.

“We have Republicans who are voting against our president,” he said. “He stands for the freedom of you, the freedom of your children and the freedom of your grandchildren. What we are looking at is a socialist republic.”

Leete said Republicans are now in the fight of their lives.

“Either you send out a swastika arm band for your grandchildren so they don’t have to pay for it, or you stand up and you fight for what is ours right now,” he said. “We’ve got it, but believe me, if you vote for socialism, you’re going to have to shoot your way out of it.”

Leete then focused on what the future could mean should America become a socialist nation.

“Once you allow them in power, getting out of it is a tremendous expense in human lives for these people, including our grandkids,” she said. “We may just be the Seward County Republican Party, but we can start a movement. We can stand up for Trump. We can stand up for what we want, not what they’re willing to give us. If you let the leftists take over, you will never see another party in the United States. I am ashamed of what has happened in our Congress both Democratic and Republican.”

Leete said it takes both parties to run the nation, and he compared that philosophy of a household, where, despite differences, it takes both spouses to run a family.

“You cannot have one side making all of the decisions,” he said. “We need both parties. We need a third party. We need a fourth party. We need people who have different respective thoughts on what is happening in this nation, and we need to sit down and figure the best way to go about the best solution.”

Leete said Democrats and Republicans are playing what he called a very dangerous and foolish game.

“They think the Democrats are right,” he said. “They think the Republicans are right. It’s not true in either case. We need somebody to push forward, which is the Democrats. We need somebody to hold it back. That’s the Republicans, and somewhere in the middle, we become the nation we need to be.”

Leete said Americans need to realize the country is not a nation of politics, but rather one of doing what is right for its people.

“It makes me sick to watch what’s happening in our Capitol,” he said. “Who are we supposed to believe that we have voted in the prestigious, the best thinking minds of the nation? Look what we’ve got. We’ve got a joke going up there. We’ve got Republicans who think they’re Democrats. We’ve got Democrats who don’t know what the heck’s going on, and we are sitting here as Seward County people thinking we do not hold an interest in this nation.”

Leete told members of Wednesday’s audience they had a decision to make.

“Are we going to allow this to happen to our children and our grandchildren and our nation and our Constitution?” he said.

Leete said he believes an abundant amount of treason is happening in the U.S.

“I wish the people who were responsible for it would be paid for it over and over and over again,” he said. “This is the nation which goes out to the world that we are the nation of freedom. We are the nation that will uphold all of those things we hold dear and we expect, and we will hold other nations responsible for what they do.”

Leete said the movement to correct America’s woes needs to start somewhere, and that includes Seward County. He said leaders at all government levels need to have better principles than those shown Wednesday in Washington.

“Officials don’t mean anything unless you stand behind them,” he said. “We are about the United States of America, and I don’t care which party you belong to. What I don’t like is somebody pretending they’re one of us when they’re not, and they turn around and stab us in the back.”

Like many in the GOP, Leete believes the mainstream media misrepresented what happened Jan. 6 as federal lawmakers were choosing whether or not to accept the electoral college results from last November’s general election.

“You know and I know that Trump did not support a riot,” he said. “He did not, but it’s what the other party thinks is important.”

Leete said people need to learn more about their rights before they are taken away.

“You have the right to freedom of speech,” he said. “You have the right to carry arms. You have the right to do many things you probably don’t even recognize in many of the amendments that are in the Constitution.”

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