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April 18th, 2021

pt on the moveA worker at Physical Therapy On The Move’s office in Hooker, Okla., supervises a patients treatment last week. L&T photo/Robert PierceROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


In 2014, Physical Therapy On The Move opened the doors at its office in Hooker, Okla., and the clinic will soon have an office in Liberal.

Owner Beau Rapp said therapy at PT On The Move revolves around treating patients in an outpatient settings, as well as in the home and school settings.

“We see kids in the school,” he said. “We do free injury screenings. We offer people a free way to come in and talk about their problem, no obligation.”

Rapp also offers one-on-one supervised manual therapy at all times.

“People want to be listened to,” he said. “We’re professional in our manual skills, and that really helps make more of a positive difference in the person’s outcome when we put our hands on them.”

Rapp said therapy is likewise provided in a transparent environment.

“It’s just one big room,” he said. “Everything’s done out in the open. Even our doorways have windows. It’s a positive environment people enjoy.”

With offices in both Oklahoma and Kansas, Rapp said licenses are needed to operate there, and he has had those licenses for the last six years.

“Getting credentialed in a new state and a new location is a billing obstacle we’re tackling now,” he said. “These insurances have to recognize us at a new location before they’ll even think about paying.”

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Rapp said the main difference in licensing qualifications is continuing education units to be a therapist.

“They require different hours and different timeframes,” he said. “Other than that, it’s therapy whether it’s Oklahoma or Kansas.”

Rapp, a Hooker native, became interested in physical therapy after playing high school football there.

“I went to therapy for some of my injuries back then,” he said. “That sparked my interest of the body.”

At PT On the Move, Rapp said most payments and insurance are acceptable.

“We work with people,” he said. “Whatever they can do, we work with. We do payment arrangements. We accept our major medical health plans – Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield and even more, workers compensation. If a patient wants to pay with cash, we do that too.”

Liberal’s PT On The Move location will be at 15th and Western at Broadcast Square, a location Rapp is excited about.

“I feel there’s a big demand for therapy in Liberal,” he said. “I want to help bring that quality health care to those people and help as many patients succeed as we can. We treat home health patients in Liberal and have had for the past several years. I feel there’s a demand there. There’s a need. I want to help fill that need.”

Rapp said PT On The Move will provide the same type of services in Liberal as it does in Hooker.

“We can go to the workplace or the home,” he said. “It’s basically an extension of this office in Hooker so people don’t have to drive from Liberal to have their therapy.”

Rapp said he feels having a Liberal office will help grow his clientele in this town.

“We’re going to market to those people and raise the awareness of the services they have in their hometown,” he said.

PT On The Move serves patients in not just Hooker and Liberal, but in many area towns such as Guymon, Okla., Tyrone, Okla., Turpin, Okla., Rolla, Hugoton and Elkhart. Rapp said through this experience, he became aware of the need for an office in another town.

“The longer I practice in here, the more it’s evident we need more quality-skilled therapy in the area where we touch people, we listen to people, we give one-on-one care to people,” he said. “People like that, and I think there’s the same demand in Liberal. Once they come and experience our service and the transparency we have, it’s going to bring them back and their friends and family. I plan to grow that way.”

The date for the official opening of the Liberal office is not known at this time, but Rapp said plans call for it to be open by the end of the month.

“I’m waiting on the insurances to recognize us there, but mid-February is the goal,” he said.

PT On the Move is located at 122 E. Glaydas in Hooker. For more information, call 580-652-1111.

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