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December 06th, 2021

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Liberal High School is pleased to announce that, with the community’s COVID risk index being at a low level and, pending final board approval, will return to full days of school for all students beginning March 1. Students will attend school Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. in the full schedule.

“During this time, LHS staff will work to socially distance students as often as possible; however, please note that social distancing will be more limited in the full schedule than in previous phases of schedules,” a release from USD 480 noted. “The mask mandate will continue to be in place, and teachers will have sanitization supplies in their classrooms to be able to sanitize desks frequently. We will continue to place a high priority on student health and safety as we prepare for the upcoming transition. Next week, we have made adjustments to the schedule due to Pancake Day. The adjustments keep both groups of students (A-L and M-Z) with the same number of days on campus. The following week (Feb. 22 through 26), we were already scheduled to return to the Phase I schedule while students take the first round of standardized assessments. We will keep this schedule. This is an effort to minimize classroom disruptions for testing in the weeks to follow.”

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To prepare for the full schedule, USD 480 staff offers the following suggestions:

• Begin waking up and getting ready in the mornings on remote days to prepare for the routine and the hours.

• Determine specific courses/work to do during each PLT time within the school day schedule.

• Students who have picked up hours at work that take place during school hours should either work with their employers to

• schedule them outside of school hours or speak with Mrs. Hebbert via email about adding a Work Study to their schedule.

• Work with teachers to update overlap resolutions, if needed.

“We thank the community once again for the patience and support seen this school year. It has certainly been a challenge for us all; yet, our Liberal High School students, parents, and staff have risen above it,” LHS Principal Ashley Kappelmann noted in the USD 480 release. “We look forward to seeing and working with students every day as we strive to offer them the Angry Red Advantage. For remote learners, while we strongly encourage remote learning students to return to traditional, in-person learning, we understand that some families have health-related concerns and circumstances that make remote learning this spring the best option. To accommodate remote learners, each teacher will determine his/her method of instructional delivery, whether it be to continue to post all content on Canvas or to do a combination of content posted to Canvas as well as live Zoom meetings during class time. Because the learning format and schedule are different, remote learners should be prepared to be available during school hours to either Zoom into classes or meet virtually with teachers. Teachers will let students know via Canvas how content will be delivered in their individual courses.”

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