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January 22nd, 2022

downloadK-State Research and Extension Wild West District – Seward County office


Do you know how that playground equipment at the park down the street was purchased? Or the new sign leading visitors to a local landmark? How about initial money for a festival? 

In any community, chances are someone, or a group of individuals, wrote a grant proposal and received funding to help with the project.

Individuals and community groups can learn more about writing successful grant proposals at an online workshop planned by K-State Research and Extension in the Wild West Extension District (Seward, Stevens and Haskell Counties) March 9 and March 11.   

The workshop is presented by Nancy Daniels, a community vitality specialist with K-State Research and Extension and the author of many grant proposals. Online registration for the training will be at . The cost to attend this two-day workshop is $60.

“This workshop is for everyone, whether they’ve never written a proposal before and have no idea where to start, to those who have experience but are looking for ways to improve their approach,” Daniels said. “The magic that happens in a local community when people find out they don’t have to wait to get something done, that they can do it themselves, is incredible.”

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Participants also learn from each other, Daniels said, adding that even experienced grant writers pick up tips and are reenergized after coming together with peers in their communities.  Participants are encouraged to bring their grants or grant ideas to share.

Workshop topics include:

• Conquer your grant writing fears and start writing;

• Sources of data for community needs (where do you find the numbers to back up your request?);

• Where to find grants; and

• Practicing the grant writing elements: Problem, Outcomes, Activities, Evaluation and Budget.

More information and registration is available by contacting Kylee Harrison, Community Development Agent, 620-624-5604 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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