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April 18th, 2021

fb friKevin Colvin, manager of radio station KSLS, gets ready to bowl Sunday at the Bowl For Kids' Sake fund-raiser at Ayr Lanes. Colvin was one of around 500 people who raised pledges for Big Brothers Big Sisters at the weekend event.====FROM March 6, 2001====


BY: JANICE NORTHERNS, Southwest Daily Times

Strikes and gutter balls abounded Saturday and Sunday as bowlers of all skill levels "bowled for kids' sake" at Ayr Lanes to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Around 76 teams participated, many fielded by local businesses and organizations such as Golden Plains Credit Union, the City of Liberal and Seward County Community College, and rivalry among co-workers added to the fun and the funds raised, according to Clareisa Bayouth, BBBS executive director.

"We had some side bets going on and some businesses had several teams. Golden Plains Credit Union had two teams and there was so much rivalry between them that one person raised $642," Bayouth said.

Team participation and spirit was good, but the fund-raiser, which has one more weekend to go at the end of March, is still short of the amount organizers had hoped for.

"We had good participation -- about 500 people bowled this weekend and about 100 the weekend before, but we are still not even halfway to our goal of $40,000," Bayouth said.

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"We had room for 24 teams to bowl at one time, and the most we had was 16 teams at once, so we could      have used a lot more people."


fb fri8Bayouth is hoping for even better participation March 24-25, and she would like to encourage those who do sign up to bowl to get as many pledges as they can.

"The key is for bowlers who sign up to go out and get their friends and associates to pledge money," she said.

The event raises funds by asking bowlers to get friends to pledge at least 10 cents per pin or a flat fee, beginning with a minimum of at least $10.

Judging from the amount of good-natured harassment going on at the lanes Sunday afternoon, challenging a fellow co-worker to raise funds could be just the ticket to meeting this year's goal, Bayouth said.

Bowlers are rewarded for their efforts by an afternoon of free bowling and free food and there were plenty of smiles to go with the hot dogs and Pepsi.

"This was a lot of fun," said high school student Kate Redding.

3Bowlers are also eligible for prizes; a 32-inch TV will be awarded to the person who raises the most in pledges. Other prizes include a DVD player and $100 in Chamber Bucks. A special prize of a TV/VCR combo will be awarded to the bowler age 18 or younger who raises the most money.

All bowlers who raise at least $150 get T-shirts, and plenty of door prizes are awarded during the games also.

Bowl for Kids' Sake is the major fund-raiser of the year for Big Brothers Big Sisters, so it is important to meet the $40,000 goal, Bayouth said.

"We have a modest budget, and we really need this money to hire another case manager and to pay for doing the background checks and all the other things that are necessary to make matches," she said.

BBBS made its first match between a little brother and a big brother mentor just last fall.

Bayouth hopes the community will take up the challenge to meet the needs of the organization by turning out for the last weekend of Bowl For Kids' Sake March 24 and 25.

Lots more bowlers and pledges for those bowlers are needed if BBBS is to succeed, she said.

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