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June 14th, 2021

shelter article new 2 sept====From March 25, 2004====

By: KEISHA SMITH, Southwest Daily Times 


There are no weight rooms, strength building exercises, or crowds of screaming fans. There is no big budget or flashy uniforms. In fact, this team can only spend $135.

However, there are teammates, countless hours of practice, and a challenge. The challenge is to build a human-powered Envirover vehicle that will collect trash and deliver it to a factory, where it will be used to manufacture a product of the team's design.

This is the challenge that Cottonwood Intermediate School and Liberal High School were given in the Odyssey of the Mind competition. This year, all of the participating teams are limited to budgets under $150. This is a major part of the competition. The students must captivate the judges using their minds.

Monday evening, an LHS team coached by Barbara Little was practicing to compete in the state competition that will take place Saturday at Kansas State University.

The students said that this event is helping them to learn to work with people and it is also challenging them to use their minds.

Odyssey of the Mind is a unique competition for students, because it is international.

According to Odyssey of the Mind, at least 25 other countries participate in the competition. Liberal schools will make their attempt to be a part of world history this Saturday.

One of the LHS team's most eye-catching props is their camel-themed Envirover. They created it using cotton, cardboard, an old bicycle, and other old items that are probably found wasting away in the garage.

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The camel-like creation is driven while the students incorporate sharp, witty dialogue as a sales pitch. The students also make a promenade into the room and set up the items while demonstrating them.

In addition to the Envirover problem, Liberal schools will also solve a Featured Creature problem and Strategy Sphere problem.

The Featured Creatured problem requires students to present an original performance about mythological creatures. The Strategy Sphere requires teams to design and build two devices that will mechanically propel balls through a circular hoop.

LHS will send two teams, Little's team which is a first place team, and another team coached by Diane Marsh, parent volunteer, and Terrance Volden, 2003 LHS graduate. This team recently garnered a second place win in the last competition.

West Middle School is also sending a first place team coached by Joe Pointer, and Cottonwood Intermediate School will send a second place team which is coached by Shawn and Luz Riggs.

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