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September 27th, 2021

shelter insurance 2021 house article=====FROM SEPT. 11 & 12, 2001=====

Officials beef up local, area air security

 By: NANCY KLETECKA,  Southwest Daily Times 

Law enforcement across the country, including local officals, are taking steps to ensure safety following this morning's terrorist attacks.

Liberal airport manager Debbie Giskie said it is her understanding that all flights have been grounded. At least three rerouted flights have landed at the Garden City Airport, but none have been sent here yet.

"They have discontinued or grounded all flights," Giske said. We have more than 19 passenger planes and have security measures in place now -- we will continue to follow that. I understand they do have planes landing in Garden City, (but) since we don't have the tower like Garden City ... unless they can't take any more planes there, I doubt that we will get anything here. We do have a long enough runway to take them and we would be willing to take them if that's what they want." People needed to house displaced passengers.

The Garden City Airport is dealing with around 900 extra people, and the Red Cross in Liberal is taking names and numbers of people here who are willing to house people who need a place to go. Call 624-8411 if you can help.

The Red Cross is also sponsoring a blood drive in Garden City. One is not going on in Liberal at this time, as there are inadequate personnel to man all areas, but organizers hope to set up one here soon.

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Giskie reiterated that all security measures will be taken and law enforcement will be in place at the airport, something Lt. Terry Lewis of the Liberal Police Department confirmed.

"We are sending additional personnel out to the airport as a precautionary measure, in case some planes do land here," Lewis said. "They do have some commercial flights that have been unable to get into major airports... They

have had three land in Garden City and there might be some here. We will be there strictly to protect the airport -- we don't see any problems at this time we just want to be there as a precaution."

Otherwise, no additional security mesures have been put in place at the local airport yet, Giske said.

"We are going to continue to follow the security measures given to us prior to this time," she said.

Giske added that she has not been advised of any new rulings in light of the terrorist attack. "I haven't received any phone calls from the FAA at this point... I do plan on checking on that and see if there is anything new that we need to be doing."

Giskie said again that until she is notified in writing by the FAA no additional steps other than additional personnel will be taken.

9 11 b

"Until I get something in writing we will follow security measures given up to this point -- that's just to watch everything carefully," Giskie said. "We always have a police officer in the area to have his presence be known. We make sure all luggage is in the passenger's possession at all times and we screen all passengers."

Authorities in Garden City are also responding to the airport there and have also said no rulings have been handed down for their procedures that are already in place.

"There has been nothing official come down to us, but right now we are just assisting and waiting to see what comes," said a spokesman for the Kansas Highway Patrol, who said that troopers were responding to the airport in Garden City.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is also being alerted -- just in case.

"We're just making sure that everybody is aware (of what's) happened right now," said a spokesman for the OHP.

=====FROM SEPT. 12, 2001=====

Area sporting events cancelled


By: BEN SHAIN, Southwest Daily Times 


The blow from Tuesday's terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington is affecting sporting events in Liberal.

The seventh and eighth grade football teams of West Middle School had their game in Garden City against Kenneth Henderson cancelled due to the lack of transportation. All flights were canceled at the Garden City airport, and the

Kenneth Henderson school busses were used to transport those people to various locations.

9 11 c

The eighth grade game has been postponed to Sept. 25. No date has been set for the seventh grade game.

Volleyball action between Seward County Community College and Cloud County was postponed this morning, and will be rescheduled.

All activities at the Liberal High School and South Middle School will continue as planned.

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