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September 27th, 2021

tortilleria tapacolmesEmployees at Tortilleria Tapacolmes prepare an order for a customer. The shop, located at 28 S. Kansas Avenue, had its official ribbon-cutting earlier this month. L&T photo/Elly GrimmELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


People are always looking for new places to grab a quick bite to eat and some other snacks, and recently, a new shop opened to help with just that. 

Tortilleria Tapacolmes officially cut the ribbon on its location at 28 S. Kansas Avenue earlier this month and as owner Mario Baranco tells it, the idea for the store had been percolating for quite a while. 

“For a while, my wife and family and I, we'd been talking about opening a business here in town, and we'd started talking about that when COVID-19 hit and got really serious,” Baranco said. “My mother-in-law had a business like this in Mexico, and that had to be shut down because of COVID-19. So we'd been talking about it for a little while and then we decided to bring the equipment to Liberal and get everything started. We found a place, and found it at 28 S. Kansas Avenue through one of the members of our church, and then we decided to move in here for the shop, and here we are. My mother-in-law has more business experience than me, but we have God with us, so I think we'll be really successful here.”

Another catalyst for the shop, Baranco said, was the desire to be self-employed. 

“We were tired of working for other people, and we wanted to work for ourselves for a change, so we decided to put together our own business and do that,” Baranco said. “We have flour and corn tortillas, dried beef, Mexican treats and games, soda, and some other things people would find in a convenience store. It's a small place, but we've got a lot in here to offer to the community. I think it's going to be a really cool place for people  – the location is great, the environment is very energetic, and I know a lot of people will want to be looking for a place like this for a snack to eat or some other treats. Everyone eats, and many people are looking for something quick and, and we provide that, and this  is a great place for people to come to during their break.”

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Baranco said so far, the response to the shop has been positive. 

“We have some different and delicious dishes here, we want all the customers to be happy with their food,” Baranco said. “We’re looking forward to seeing all the customers coming in and we want to serve them the best and freshest food. We want to please everyone who walks into the shop. We have fresh tortillas we make every single day, which are delicious, and we want everyone to try at least one of our tortillas and see how yummy they are. We also want them to know there is a place like this in the community, it's family-run and owned, and it's an overall great environment.”

Overall, Baranco said, he and his family are excited to have the shop officially open for the community. 

“One of the things we're really excited about with this is we've prioritized God above everything and put our trust in Him to be successful, and we've got a lot of our family helping out here, so that's also really great,” Baranco said. “We've also got a lot of great products in here like the tortillas and dried beef, and people so far have really liked what we offer in the short time we've been here. We're really excited to officially have the ribbon cut on our place, we're really happy to have the chance to serve the community all the delicious stuff we have in here. We've gotten so much support from our family and friends, the Liberal Chamber of Commerce, and many others in the community. We want people to come in and see what all we have, no one will leave here disappointed. A lot of people have already come in from out of town for the dried beef, and we want to do the same thing with the Liberal community and with our tortillas. We’ve put our heart and soul into it, that’s for sure. We're very thankful to God we've been able to finally get started, and we're very grateful to everyone here in Liberal who has been supporting us and everyone who continues to come and try all the snacks we have here. Seeing that high level of support at our ribbon-cutting lets us feel like we're not alone.”

Baranco added he is looking forward to serving the community. 

“It's great being able to see all the customers come in and try all the snacks we have, that's always fun,” Baranco said. “It's also great seeing the reactions from new customers because a lot of times, whatever it is they've ordered is something they've never tried before. Pretty soon, we'll be starting to make some new types of tortillas, and they'll be really yummy, and we can't wait for people to try those along with everything else we have here. We're really excited to be in Liberal and sharing our food, and we hope to be here a long time.”

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