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September 27th, 2021

daisy padilla american family ribbon cuttingDaisy Padilla cuts the ribbon on her new American Family Insurance office Sept. 2 with her family and Chamber of Commerce ambassadors looking on. Padilla said she is looking forward to working with the community with insurance needs. L&T photo/Elly GrimmELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Insurance has become more and more important in recent times, and last week saw the opening of a new insurance office in Liberal. 

Sept. 2 saw the ribbon cut on a new American Family Insurance office at 45 Plaza Drive, which will be run by Daisy Padilla. 

“I've been working in insurance for a little more than a year. I started as a customer service representative for Tammy Lenear's office, and she stepped away from the company in April. After that, American Family extended an offer to be an agent,” Padilla said. “I talked to my family, and my husband said 'Let's do this together!' And here we are today. I was a retail manager for Maurice's for a little more than five years, and in that time, my family was growing – I got married and I now have two children, who I wanted to be home with more. Before I stepped into that, Tammy had reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in working for her, but I ultimately took the manager position. Five years later, she reached out to me again and asked again if I would be interested in working for her, and I said yes. I got my license and did all the necessary studying, and that was that. Her reaching out to me and the opportunity to be home more with my children was what really got me started, and once I started studying and learning more about insurance, the more interested I became. I knew with what I had learned, I could help people understand what they were buying and help them with their needs.”

That desire to help people, Padilla said, was part of the final catalyst to opening her own office. 

“I didn't want to start everything all over again since I'd worked so hard getting my licensing and learned so much from working with Tammy, and my husband reminded me we'd achieved so much together, and nothing could stop us from reaching for this too. So we did,” Padilla said. “I really like the openness of the space, we work as a really good team and hope to have another team member soon here in the office. I love that because if there's a question I'm having a bit of trouble with, I know one of my teammates will be able to jump in and help while I'm looking something up. We also worked hard to make the space open and inviting and comfortable for clients, we didn't want the office to be overly business-y and stodgy and uncomfortable, we want this to be an office where they feel comfortable coming and talking to us about their insurance needs.”

Padilla added there were several benefits to the space itself.

“At the former location, everyone was in their own little box and space, and everyone was kind of far away from each other, and this space has allowed us to be more open for the community,” Padilla said. “And there are so many businesses surrounding us like Ninja Sushi and Steakhouse, H&R Block, Scooters, the barbershop next door – with all of that, we really feel like we're part of our own little neighborhood, and we were welcomed when we moved in. As far as the turnaround time, we figured out we would need our own space in mid-May, and we had to have everything ready June 1, so that turnaround time was VERY quick. I'd called the real estate agent about what would be some good spaces, and she brought me here, and while there was remodeling that needed to be done, I love how bright and open everything is, so it's a great space.”

Padilla said she was very happy with the ribbon-cutting ceremony last week, and offered encouragement for the community to come in with any insurance questions. 

“I was really happy and emotional, I almost cried when we cut the ribbon out front Thursday. It was great seeing everyone there and everyone supporting me with opening the office. I'm very excited, and this is a great start to this chapter of my life,” Padilla said. “Come on in and ask any questions you have. Insurance can be really complex, but we work to break things down as much as we can to make things simple and understandable. We want people to know what it is they're purchasing and make sure they're getting everything they need in their policy. I'm also really excited about working with the community and helping out some more, I'm involved with the PTO and my son's involved with Kids, Inc. I want to be able to support more things in the community now that I have my own business. Just come in and visit with us if you have any questions, we'll be happy to help even if you're not one of our clients. We won't turn anyone away, we're here to help no matter what.”

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