December 05th, 2023

chuck scroggsPASTOR’S CORNER: Chuck Scroggs, Central Christian Church, Liberal


I have seen the Jesus revolution movie 5 times here in Liberal! Having lived during that time, it was interesting to see it portrayed on screen. There is so many positives about this film. However, it wasn’t long until the doctrine police hit social media. I try to always keep an open mind to criticism and weigh out what is being said. First a little background. I grew up in a very conservative church and pastored one too. We were told not to go to movies under any circumstances! Some of those who took this idea further would not have TVs in their home! This dogma (opinion) could reach into a church member’s life in so many ways. Some of us heard it weekly in church: what type of music was not acceptable, what type of clothing was not acceptable, what magazines and books we could not read! Where we should not go for recreation. Men and women could not swim together. I could go on for a while. There was some basis for some of these thoughts, yet they seemed to go to the extreme. 

Back to this movie. I remember countless teenagers giving their hearts to God. Like the thief on the cross who Jesus saved at the last minute and wasn’t even baptized, (and didn’t pray a repentant prayer) The Lord said, “You will be with me today in paradise!!” Can you imagine when he showed up at heaven’s gate, if Peter had asked him, “Before I let you in’ are you up to date on the doctrine of Justification?”  Silly? Yes! We (man) and our (manmade rules) have made becoming a Christ follower way to difficult! This is why this next revival will probably not be in churches.  The revival is already happening in colleges, schools, parks, and other meeting places. It has even broken out in the theaters that this movie has been shone in!

This film depicted in a very careful way the sex, drugs, and false prophets that permeated the youth culture. Some folks saw they were trying to fill a hole only Jesus could fill! God keyed on a few folks who saw the need and opened up their church and invited them in. The rest is history! There were Pharisees in the church where the movement started. They cared more about the carpet than these young people and there will be neigh sayers today. Yes, mistakes will be made, some "man rules" Isa and dogma may be set aside. CONDEMN all you want! Jesus is going to move! Let’s be a part of it!  Pray and go see this movie.    Isa. 43:19   Luke 5:4-11