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September 27th, 2023

pink trustfall spotlight pageELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


I grew up in the 1990s and 2000s and during that time, one of my overall favorite artists was P!nk. I’m not entirely sure how I got introduced to her music, but I remember being really excited whenever I heard “Get This Party Started” come on the radio, even though admittedly, I was a little young to fully understand what the song was about. 

Throughout the years though, I’ve kept up with her music and when I recently saw on her social media about the upcoming release of her new album, “Trustfall,” I knew I would have to check it out. So earlier this week, I pulled it up on YouTube while doing some work and ultimately, I ended up having a blast. 

The album overall showcases a wide variety of genres from acoustic to country to pop to hard rock, and P!nk absolutely nails them all. The album starts off with “When I Get There,” which is very soulful and sweet and really lets P!nk show off her vocal talents due to the minimal instrumentals. “When I Get There” was definitely one of those songs where afterward, I was sitting at my desk thinking “I did NOT sign a permission for this feels trip!” because it’s such a lovely love letter to anyone who might be grieving at this time. The album then moves to straight pop with the title track, “Trustfall,” and it’s a cool transition. I felt like this song could actually be interpreted in a few different ways, and the thought that kept sticking in my mind was how it could be a song about a group of friends helping each other through a hard time rather than just being a strictly romantic song – although, given how subjective music is, listeners can interpret it however they want. The only complaint I would have about this song is it’s maybe slightly overproduced and doesn’t really let P!nk’s vocals shine as much as I would like, but overall it’s a song I could easily see being a popular club song. 

The album keeps within the pop genre with “Turbulence,” which features some rather jarring instrumentals (which I felt fit perfectly with the title), and it’s good advice to couples facing a bit of a bump in the road, particularly if one of the parties in the relationship has been abused in the past. The chorus of the song – “You can't help when your stomach sinks/See your life happen in a flash/In your head it could be so real/That you almost feel the crash/The panic is temporary/But I'll be permanent/So when it hits, don't forget/As scary as it gets/It's just turbulence” reflects that very well. 

The next two songs, “Long Way to Go” and “Kids In Love” go back to basics a little bit and are feature P!nk duetting with The Lumineers and First Aid Kit, respectively. P!nk’s vocals blend SO WELL with her guests and both songs were super enjoyable to listen to. “Long Way to Go” reminds me of some of the more alternative stuff I listened to growing up (think along the lines of The Fray or OneRepublic), and “Kids In Love” is so sweet and soulful and gives kind of a different take on reminiscing on past relationships. 

Fun seemed to be the name of the game with the next few songs on the album, especially “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” and “Runaway.” Never Gonna Not Dance Again” is another song I foresee being popular in the clubs and I absolutely love the whole “Dance like no one’s watching” while also encouraging people to find the good when times are a little hard. “Runaway” has a definitely 80s vibe and is a song that would be great to blast during the summer. I enjoyed the nomadic wanderlust vibe of the lyrics and I can actually see this being a great song for dance routines in the near future. 

The album later moves on to driving hard rock with “Hate Me,” and I felt like it captured really well how it feels to be a scapegoat for someone who refuses to solve their own problems, and it’s also a good message about standing up to such nonsense. And oddly enough, even though the song’s subject matter is a bit dark, the song itself actually has a bit of a fun vibe. Another particular favorite of mine on the album is “Feel Something,” which is a rather short song but still very good. It’s about taking stock of past relationships going wrong and ultimately making the same mistakes again and again, and the instrumentals actually kind of reminded me of “Halo” by Beyoncé, which is a song I’m fond of. 

The album ends with a country vibe, with P!nk duetting with Chris Stapleton on “Just Say I’m Sorry.” These two together make a fantastic duet and their voices blend so, so well together – so much so, P!nk could probably make a country crossover album at some point if she so wished. The song is very sweet and soulful and I just loved it. 

Overall, I enjoyed listening to P!nk’s newest album, “Trustfall,” and would give it an A grade. There are so many different genres showcased throughout the album to make it a good listen, and the vocals from P!nk and her duet partners are outstanding to listen to. If you’re a fan of any of P!nk’s other albums, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy “Trustfall.”