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January 22nd, 2022

jammin randy file photoRandy Sauer, aka Jammin’ Randy, performs a song with some young audience members during his 2019 concert at Liberal Memorial Library. Sauer will be returning to Liberal Memorial Library for a concert as part of the library’s summer reading program activities. L&T file photo/Elly GrimmELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


This year’s summer reading program through Liberal Memorial Library is officially under way, and one of the program’s first events of the summer will be happening soon. 

Randy Sauer, aka Jammin’ Randy, will be making his way back to Liberal Memorial Library for a concert starting at 10 a.m. Tuesday, June 1, and the concert will be on the library's front lawn. 

“It'll be going along with the summer reading program theme of "Tails and Tales," so most of the songs will be about animals – the first half will include songs like 'Going to the Farm' and 'BINGO' and 'Flying Disco Chicken' (which was inspired by my grandchildren) and 'Five Little Puppies' (which is really popular on Amazon and Spotify),”  Sauer said. “And then the second half of the show will feature some songs focused more on zoo animals, which all little kids seem to like, like 'Penguin Hop' and 'Happy Hippo Hop' and other songs like that. I'll also be bringing my ukulele banjo and my guitar to play along with some of the songs.”

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Sauer said he is excited to be coming back to the library for a show. 

“I always enjoy coming up with new shows that go with the summer reading program theme, so I'll be doing some different songs than what I've done in the past along with some songs I've done that have become staples with my shows,” Sauer said. “I love doing shows like this, and I had a great time in Liberal last time, so I expect another good show this time around. I think the children in attendance will enjoy it, I think they'll really enjoy the music and hearing all the different stories about the different animals and taking trips to the farm and zoo. They'll also get to hear my ukulele banjo, which is a pretty unique instrument not heard of by a lot of people, so they should like that too. Overall, they'll have fun, hear some good music and hear some unique things they might not have heard before. I also teach elementary school music as well as middle school bands, but with the elementary music, I really enjoy teaching that, and I try to work everything so the children don't get bored. I try to include a mix of sing-along songs along with some dance/fun movement songs and some songs where they can just sit and listen for a little while. Children sometimes are kind of restless, so I try to mix the show up to keep everyone entertained and listening and have that balance.”

Sauer added one of his favorite parts of performing is meeting the families in the audience. 

“I enjoy meeting the families who come to the shows and seeing new faces in the audiences, and sometimes even some repeat attendees. I love spreading the word about my music and sharing it with so many people in such a fun way. There are even some parents I've seen following the music, which is also really cool to me. It's a joy being around other people, and I always hope they find at least something they like about what I'm doing. I've even had some teachers who have told me a certain song or another would work great for something they're working on in class or something like that, and I like hearing that too. Seeing that enthusiasm and joy of the music being enjoyed is the best part and I love that interaction of the shows.”

Sauer will be performing at other libraries throughout the summer, and he said he is excited about being able to perform again. 

“I love the interaction with the audience, and every show is different. Last year, I did a bunch of shows on Zoom and Facebook Live and while those went well, I really missed that face-to-face interaction with the audience, and it's a little hard to have the same enthusiasm you would with a live show when it's just you and a screen and camera,” Sauer said. “That interaction is the main thing I'm looking forward to, my shows feed off of that. I'm excited to be performing again, and I've been to some of the libraries on my schedule before, so it's always fun to go back and see new and returning faces in the audience. It's always fun to share new songs and some of my favorites, and I always hope they follow along and have fun. It's always fun to reconnect with those places.”

Overall, Sauer said, he expects a great time in Liberal. 

“I'm really excited to be doing the show there in Liberal, I think it'll be really fun being back there. I've also got a few projects in the works for the near future – one of my songs was selected to be on the show 'Homeschool Quest,' which I think is really cool, and I'm working with a public television channel for a series called 'Randy's Backyard Jams,' which I'm also excited about since that's been on hold for about a year because of COVID-19 and everything else.”

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