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December 06th, 2021

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There will be a lot of talent taking the stage at the Dirtona Raceway in Hugoton the evening of Saturday, Sept. 11, and that talent includes Lindsey Lane from Texas.

As Lane tells it, she was bitten by the music bug rather early in life. 

“I've been playing music for the past seven or eight years, and for five of those years, I taught 3rd grad math while playing, and I officially left teaching in May 2019 to do music full time,” Lane said. “My dad was also a musician ever since I was really little, and I would travel with him when he did single-act performances around Texas and Oklahoma. I grew up in that type of environment and I carried the torch after he finished.”

Lane added there were a few factors to take into account when she was thinking of becoming a performer full time. 

“When I was thinking about doing music full-time, I was struggling with whether I wanted to remain a teacher or go into music full time and after praying about it for a long time, I decided to take the plunge and become a performer full time,” Lane said. “Everyone has those moments where they feel like they're doing EXACTLY what they're supposed to, and I discovered I was having more of those moments while I was performing than anytime else.”

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With all of that, Lane said she is excited to be bringing her music to the High Plains Music Fest. 

“I'm super excited to be coming to the High Plains Music Fest because I love the music festival atmosphere, it's so much fun and there are some great musicians lined up for that night, so it'll be great to be able to share the stage with those great artists,” Lane said. “It's also especially nice to be back onstage after so many festivals and other musical events got postponed or outright cancelled last year because of COVID-19 and everything else. My set is very crowd-involving, it's very energetic and upbeat, and my biggest goal with every show is to help the audience feel what I'm feeling, that's always the best part.”

Lane added overall, she is excited for the chance to perform again. 

“The pandemic definitely made each day, no matter how small or how big, much more important, and it was definitely a shock to a lot of people how those events and gatherings were snatched away pretty much overnight,” Lane said. “Everyone needs a bit of a break from things once in a while, but when that break is forced on you, it's not quite as much fun. With concerts and things like that coming back, it's great being able to have performing opportunities again. The music fest is a great opportunity for people in the area to come together to listen to some good music and have fun and have a bit of a break from reality for a little bit. Music is a universal language and it's something that brings everyone together, and events like the High Plains Music Fest that have such a great lineup, those are the best. Using music to bring people together is always the best.”

The chance to be back in Southwest Kansas is also exciting, Lane said. 

“I'd actually performed in Liberal about six or seven years ago with my dad's band, so it's been a while since I've been in that area,” Lane said. “I'm really excited to be back in that area – when I was with my dad's band, I wasn't really in the position to share my own music, so this is my first time being Kansas with my own music and my own band. And contrary to many opinions, I actually enjoy driving through Kansas because it's so great to see areas of land where there are no fences or anything like that blocking the horizon or scenery, I absolutely love that.”

Overall, Lane said, the High Plains Music Fest should be a good night for the audience. 

“I enjoy sharing the music and what we've worked so hard on, and I enjoy showing off the skills of my band and the other musicians I work with, because they're all onstage there with me,” Lane said. “I also enjoy meeting new people and everyone in the audience, and I love seeing the reactions of the people in the audience with a particular song or another. There are some future stops we're still working on scheduling, and I'm really excited for those stops because I love traveling and going to new places and experiencing new things. I'm really excited to be at the High Plains Music Fest next month and I can't wait to see everyone out there, it'll be a great lineup with some great music, so come out and enjoy the party!”

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