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January 22nd, 2022
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earl wattL&T Publisher Earl Watt


It appears the effort to compare the protest that got out of hand Jan. 6 with the attack on Pearl Harbor and 9/11 have fallen on deaf ears.

When Vice President Kamala Harris tried to make that claim, it was just another partisan attack that has corrupted the politics in America.

No one supported the violations of law on Jan. 6. Anyone who trespassed, broke a window or stole an items from the Capitol should have been prosecuted.

The false idea that Harris’ staff was barricading the door of her office with filing cabinets, however, is another head scratcher since the Senate offices are nowhere near the Capitol building. The Senate office buildings our hundreds of yards away. Senators do not have offices in the Capitol, nor do representatives.

It is strange the Harris never compared the riots in Kenosha or Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland and elsewhere to terrorism even though billions in damage were done and several people were killed. The only person killed Jan. 6 was a protester what was shot by Capitol police. Not one lawmaker was harmed. Not one.

Still, the hullabaloo the press put on about the day as well as addresses form President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris as well as a moment of silence in the Capitol coupled with the ongoing Jan. 6 Committee would have had some sort of effect on the polling data.

So far, it hasn’t.

Biden’s numbers continue to drift further downward. The Reuters poll dropped eight points in the last two weeks, and Biden’s plummeting approval rating has now reached 42.1 percent, a staggering number for a president in the first year of his term.

The Build Back Better agenda has all but crumbled with the hefty price tag that chased of Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, and yet liberal media outlets like CNN continue to try to find some way to keep the possibility of the bill passing in some form on life support.

At this point, if they reduced it form $1.3 trillion to a buck fifty but still called it BBB, CNN and the like would hail it as a crowning achievement, and unfortunately, there would be many who would believe them.

Which brings us back to the super partisan attack Biden made, an the atrocious comparisons Harris made all in the name of partisanship.

With little to show as success in their first year, it comes as no surprise that they would go on the warpath against the sworn enemy — Republicans.

No, not Donald Trump. That’s simply the symbol. It wouldn’t matter if it were Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or Mike Pence or Nikki Hailey. The person is simply a placeholder for evil in their point of view. Only if you capitulate to their dogma, like Liz Cheney and even Dick Cheney did will you be welcomed. Otherwise, the failures of the left will be shrouded in accusations at the right.

We now see that reconciliation will not happen under this president who ran with the promise to restore bipartisanship, to reach across the aisle. And then days after being sworn in, Biden said he is a bipartisan president because some Republicans voted for him, and that was justification to create massive, social-altering and communist-inducing proposals.

Congress, under Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, has shown no less contempt for Republicans and have excluded Republicans from committees to discuss the proposed bills, opting instead to simply caucus among themselves and convincing other Democrats alone.

Should Republicans take control of the House, hopefully they can return to normal order which includes both parties working on legislation and seeking bipartisan agreement.

More and more people are talking about the dissolution of America rather than the regalvanizing of our strength together. When politics do not go our way, we either want to upend the entire system, like the filibuster and number of justices on the Supreme Court, or to consider separation.

America’s decision to detach from England didn’t happen on July 4, 1776. The decision was made with a series of events.

We are seeing a series of partisan events that could lead one people to separate from another. Speeches like those from Biden and Harris are part of that separation.


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