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January 22nd, 2022
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Charles Craig, Liberal


I read in Tuesday’s paper, you stated that you heard a rumor that the Rec Center (that used to be a really good junior high) cost $6 million on the building. Then the paper stated that was simply not true. 


So what has been spent? $2 million on the building? $4 million?

So if the paper said that $6 million was not true, what is?

The paper is the average person’s only source of information on a timely basis that is available. No phone call will get anybody any info.

So how much has been invested so far? As I recall, the guys that wanted it so bad in spite of the fact we already had rec centers told us that volunteers would run it. Have they?

purple wave jan 12 article

I’m against these sorts of things for the same reason I was against Trailmobile. Nobody ever figures out (no due diligence) what it is really going to cost. Nobody will buy a rec center when you can already tell it’s a huge monkey on our backs.

So, how much? How much have we spent for everything so far? How much more are we planning on  —  and believe me, we are planning on it. You’ll get the bill in the mail.

On the same subject, a year or so ago we hired a guy who was going to bring a minimum of two sporting events a month to Liberal, guaranteeing that these deals would attract at least 500 out of town people to stay the night and shop at Walmart, I guess.

So how many have been held? Who stayed overnight?

I ran a business for more than 20 years in Liberal and sold it only to watch it go down with its new owner because of overbuilding, inability to control costs on inventory and $40,000 worth of property taxes. I would never have bet on the come like he did nor like the city does when it comes up with a pie in the sky idea  —  or maybe two pies.

So how much?


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