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July 02nd, 2022
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larry phillipsGUEST COLUMN, Larry Phillips, Kismet


It was so heartwarming to see my critics are still living on every word I write. Without someone and something to hate, these poor folks would shrivel up and blow away.

The important thing is they prove everything I believe and write about concerning the far left and its destructive policies, which they cannot rebut.

Take this criticism; “(George) Soros has the right to spend his money the way he wants.”

How amazingly astute can one be?

I’ve never said he didn’t. 

I’ve simply pointed out Soros’ cash is being laundered and passed along to district attorneys or county prosecutors who are so soft on crime they are returning criminals back out on the street to re-offend against innocent citizens – most of whom are minorities.

It’s so satisfying when these leftists who support the criminals over innocent citizens (loves how Soros spends his money) loudly proclaim their inferred preference of evil over good. It proves my point every time.

It’s like maybe some of these people who love allowing rapists, pedophiles and murderers back on the street have personal experiences in being arrested for violations and had to serve time. Maybe they see the world through the eyes of the violators – the criminally involved.

Maybe they are jealous of today’s criminals.

Let’s look at one of Soros’ and Whitney Tymas’ chosen prosecutors – Los Angeles County District Attorney and Cuban-born George Gascón.

In 2014, transgender child molester Hannah Tubbs, now 26, sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in the bathroom of a Palmdale, Calif., Denny’s when “she” was 17 and identified then as a man.

“She” then hit the headlines this January (now identifying as a woman even though “she” still has male biology) when “she” pleaded guilty to the 2014 sexual assault.

Though Tubbs was a few months shy of 18 when he raped the 10-year-old, Gascón kicked his case into Juvenile Court, not allowing the rapist to face adult criminal charges. 

“Thus a judge in the case said he was compelled to sentence Tubbs to two years at a youth treatment facility,” according to report.

Tubbs was then allowed freedom because of Gascón’s refusal to try his and most cases. 

“A transgender woman who bragged about her light sentence on a kiddie-molestation rap has now been charged with murder in connection with a 2019 robbery, authorities said,” the New York Post reported May 10. “According to the criminal complaint obtained by The Post, Tubbs allegedly murdered Michael Clark on April 21, 2019.”

The “trans” then was recorded on a telephone call to his father saying ‘she’ wouldn’t have to register as a sex offender because her case (of raping a 10-year-old) was staying in juvenile court.

“Don’t worry about it,” Tubbs said “It’s a strike, but they’re gonna plead, I’m going to plead out to them and plead guilty.”

So Tubbs is just one of hundreds of criminals Gascón has returned to the streets to prey upon others.

It must be sweet vengeance to those who support these policies like Soros does. Kind of lets one know how locals out here in Kansas and Oklahoma can get in on the joy of child rapists getting out of juvey to then, as an adult, murder someone else. 

Golly gee, wonder if Gascón will be finally recalled?

Then right up the coast, we have San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, a self-described social justice warrior, who receives Soros’ cash, too.

Boudin explained how he is following his voter’s wishes: “(It’s) the exact thing that I promised voters I would do, which is increase access to diversion drug treatment programs, mental health care programs for folks on the lower end of the spectrum,” he said in a March 5 posting in The Chronicle written by Paul Chinn.

“One of the major outcomes of Boudin’s policies, along with his lower conviction rates and higher diversion rates, is obvious: a sharp decrease in the number of people who are in county jail,” Chinn noted, adding Boudin is also facing a recall effort.

The numbers of people who broke laws in San Francisco but were put back on the street by Boudin, who’s parents were members of the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist organization, is too extensive to cover on this page.

Look at the lack of law and order in Chicago. The district attorney there is another Soros’ DA, and that’s Kim Foxx, the woman who let hate-crime hoaxer and disgraced actor Jussie Smollett off Scott-free. The state eventually brought him back to face charges Foxx had dropped and admonished her officially. 

One of her cases is emblematic of her lack of enforcing laws in Chicago. In October 2021, two men pulled up and started firing guns into a house. Those inside starting firing back – one killed, many others injured in the shootout.

Foxx filed no charges against anyone, even the one witnesses identified. After Mayor Lori Lightfoot criticized Foxx nationally, Foxx finally filed charges five months later (this February).

Wow, what a DA.

One can look at all the other DAs Soros donates to and gets elected, and increasing criminal chaos is all one finds.

People in middle America don’t think this insanity will affect their lives. They are mistaken, especially when they see their local Socialist-Democrats supporting the communist Soros and the people he has in his pocket.

When locals in Seward County publically endorse Soros and his spending, which supports child rapists, murders and car-jackers – it is in your neighborhood now. 

You better pay attention, these folks who are walking among you.

PS: “Left-wing billionaire George Soros has pumped more than $500,000 into New York City’s John Jay College that serves as a breeding ground for woke district attorneys,” according to a May Judicial Watch report in The Verdict newsletter.

“The progressive left has an intense focus on spending charitable money to influence journalism in the U.S. to advance their progressive agenda,” said Tom Fitton, President of JW.

The college pushes grants available to journalists – or attorneys running for office – through Soros’ Open Society fellowships. And, we have people in Seward County who support him. 

Wait, watch and see.


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