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July 02nd, 2022
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reita isaacsLETTER TO THE EDITOR, Reita Isaacs, Liberal


Would you believe I had a really good letter for you and accidentally deleted it? Amazing how these things happen to some people.

What I am happy about is to tell everyone they missed a tremendous Father’s Day bbq put on by the staff of Liberal Senior Citizens staff: Randy, Kristy, Cristy, Terri, and a man that delivers Meals on Wheels (I’m sorry I forgot his name).

We were served big juicy hamburgers, wieners blackened just right, potato salad, beans, condiments, lemonade, S’mores, cookies, and four flavors of homemade ice cream. Too bad you missed it. Maybe next time.

After I got home I decided to read my newspaper. What caught my interest was what Brad Bennett SCCC President said on Page 4: “Town halls must go on and we need you there.”  What? Wait. What did he just say?  This is where people get together having conversations about our community, both positive and negative? Working together to identify problems and make things better? Could he be saying that’s what City Commission meetings are? I’m so excited!

Last Tuesday’s meeting had a couple things that interested me.  The first one was the recognition of the promotions of our police officers — well done. The second one was Pastor Presephoni Fuller from the South Church of God proudly displayed a patriotic flag with American symbols in the background and the face of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in the foreground. She said someone had anonymously donated the money for four flags and the equipment needed for their installations. 

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Pastor Fuller must know how important it is because she attends my any of them, is active in several charitable activities, and is seeking a position on the Seward County Commission. Did you know any of this?

Now let’s get to the least important: My observations.

After all these years of watching the town of Liberal change from clean, friendly, proud, respectful, responsible and accountable to plain old trashy and the reversal of all aforementioned. Have you observed this? Have you said anything about this to anyone? Have you offered an alternative or help? Sometimes there are people that don’t want help, but things have gotten so bad our own city codes have to be enforced.  Trouble is they’re not being enforced, for example several vehicles in the same yard all getting as close to the house as possible (forget parking on the street), lawns way past the generous height for weeds, and abandoned houses starting to fall apart. Okay, that’s just about my own neighborhood that was once the most desirable. No one is blind, just disinterested. Time for the codes to be enforced around the entire city with neighbors and friends helping each other. Just saying.


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