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December 09th, 2022
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larry phillipsGUEST COLUMN, Larry Phillips, Kismet


The misinformation – nay, outright lies – produced by the national abortion industry during the Value Them Both Amendment campaign in Kansas is emblematic of what Joe Biden has overwhelmingly introduced to the American political scene since his election.

And that is honesty and truth have not only been publicly butchered at the hands of Biden and his cabinet secretaries – along with the complicit, criminal-like support of the major media – but those values have also been buried and covered with stones of willful disregard for the American people, even those in their own party.

Americans have never experienced such an onslaught against honesty, truth and transparency – accompanied with total disregard for the rule of law – by a President and his henchmen in the 246 years since our Founding Fathers declared independence from a tyrannical King.

Old Joe is now the gruesome and grizzly face of sheer tyranny, and his weaponization of all our hallowed institutions, such as the Department of Justice and the FBI to list just a few, is despicable. 

Using the government against political opponents is proving to be diabolical and deadly. We are actually looking like Cuba or Venezuela right now.

Yellen, Mayorkas, Blinken, Buttigieg, Austin, Garland, are hell-bent with their complicit lawlessness in transforming a free America into a Third World socialist country in the New World Order – where autocrats direct their nation’s deplorables how to live. 

Those mentioned above should be tried and convicted in the world court – or at least in our criminal courts – for disinformation and unsavory attempts to bribe or extort the nation’s citizens with unscientific climate change lies in order to enrich themselves or friends and/or China (China Joe and Hunter are wholly owned by the communists).

Individual freedom is abhorrent to this new world order, and honesty and truth are not allowed to exist – in any form.

Can anyone point out any individual in Biden’s circle who has not lied to the people? 

Think about it; like the Department of Agriculture, which allows China to purchase hundreds of thousands of farmland acres across the nation; which allows billionaire Bill Gates to become the country’s largest farmland owner and who also promotes authoritarianism and communist control of the masses (Gates openly supports banning free speech and other rights in our constitution).

Name any cabinet, and one can find total disregard for the truth in their policies, postings and public comments – on everything from attacks on energy, manufacturing, trade – and the list goes on.

And then there is the attack on the English language and what words mean. There is now a cottage industry within the socialist elites that could be called the Department of Twisted Definitions; like up is down, black is white, square pegs fit in circular holes, we’re not in a recession – and every citizen can see this ongoing assault on everything and asking what’s going on?

A good example is Biden’s new spend-and-tax bill, which is nearly a trillion dollars (with more than $350 billion to push electric cars and green policies down our throats) is called the “Inflation Reduction Act.”


Is there anyone out there with an IQ above a good earthquake who believes spending that much more and taxing everyone who walks and breathes air will reduce all our costs on goods and services?

It will increase inflation substantivally and further destroy the fossil fuel industry – to a point, folks – that could take a generation to overcome. This is one of the most dangerous bills at this time in history to ever be proposed in this country’s existence.

Plus, we’ll get 80,000 more IRS agents – who, naturally, will hunt down every conservative they can find through campaign laws and use their powers to crush them. And you can bet conservatives will have to post bail and go to jail. Look at how Gestapo Chief Garland operates against Jan. 6 protesters. No bias there, hardy-har-har. So sick.

Remarkably, Senator Manchin is living proof that every politician has his price. Every corrupt leftist for sure. And he’s lying about the bill in every interview he’s doing now. No surprise there.

The world’s No. 1 tennis pro can’t enter America to play in a tourney because he’s not vaccinated against the China Flu. But, millions of illegal immigrants are not only welcomed into the country across the open southern border and given clothing, cash and cell phones and bussed or flown to every state in the nation – without a China Flu test or any health test.

Insanity doesn’t seem to even describe those kinds of policies, does it? Yet, Biden pumps that kind of insanity, dishonesty and devious explanations down our throats daily. Every policy they have touched is designed to destroy this country. And it’s intentional, folks.

This climate change con is the biggest scam ever imposed on modern society (and the world) since “scientists” of the 13th century told the world’s then-population that the Earth was flat.

My question is why do we swallow it? When do we stand up with common sense and blunt, loud opposition?

This tyranny has to be stamped out. Period. And it all goes back to the complicity of the nation’s major media companies that continue the lies and hide truths from American citizens. They constitute the propaganda machine of the authoritarians and deserve all the malice traditional conservatives can muster. 

When are we going to start hanging out at their homes every night and protest their criminal conduct? 

How about protesting and intimidating their children at the kids’ schools or churches? When are we going to start fighting fire with fire? 

It works. The proof is in the pudding.

Look at the Kansans who believed all the lies the abortion industry pumped down their throats daily and how they then voted to give unelected justices the right to decide on the lives – actually the deaths – of the unborn in Kansas.

Shameful, and I’m ashamed of Kansas – soon to be the new abortion headquarters of the nation. Hey folks, Kansas is now No. 1 in the country for something. I can imagine the upcoming travel flyers.

“Come to Kansas, Dorothy, and we’ll kill it fer ya within three clicks of yur heels.”

Or maybe “Buy your baby parts here, they’re cheap and plentiful.”

How about, “Your airfare is only a baby’s torso and two legs, plus you can sell the arms and head for beer money.”


GUEST COLUMN, Ganon Evans, Kansas Policy Institute


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