Good Luck

March 24th, 2023
L&T Opinions Page

reita isaacsLETTER TO THE EDITOR, Reita Isaacs, Liberal


Who would have guessed there are so many things going on at the same time I’d have to make a choice.

At this point I’ll forget about City codes being unenforced. Too much effort spent with no results except getting a call from a lady that didn’t accept my offer to either help her or pay for someone to do it. Never got any response; so my offer is hereby rescinded.

Masks and injections have been proven to be ineffective, even by Dr. Fauci, but people still wear masks and get injections. Another pandemic is about to be announced, so most people have already been programmed to follow like blind sheep.

Remember Biden’s friend “Oscar?” Remember a few ways you could tell when he was needed to stand-in? No way was he mentally or physically able to make a long secret flight, and take a 10-hour train ride to Ukraine without Dr. Jill holding his hand and answering questions for  him let alone leading him off the stage in the right direction. 

“Oscar” made just the right amount of blunders to fool most people, but everyone around him at each event was well aware of the situation. 

One astute photographer showed a closeup of Oscar’s neck which appears to show the glue on the seam coming loose in the heat. 

I digress.

Remember Biden withholding $1.5 billion until the only honest lawyer was fired? Son saved, millions made, Americans totally compromised, way open to deplete our military manpower, and promises that are putting us on the edge of a nuclear war.

Amazing how all this is part of the plan for distractions to hide what the real plan is — One World Government.

There’s too much information to discuss at this time; so I’ll leave you with a little homework until my next letter:

Land purchased by whom, and locations; lists of particular “accidents “ that are affecting particular areas; food supplies; and a new name: Karl Schwab.

How about The 15-minute city? There will always be those who don’t know and don’t care; so this is for those who do. See you shortly.

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