February 26th, 2024
L&T Opinions Page

shannon francisGUEST COLUMN, Shannon Francis, 125th District Representative


The Kansas Automobile Dealers had their State meeting this week, and I had a great conversation with Larry McConnell of Foss Ford and Jim Lewis of Lewis Automotive Group. I want to thank them for taking time to come to Topeka and discuss issues facing their businesses. When you live 350 miles from Topeka, it’s a real commitment. Everyone from this house district that participates in statewide groups helps to tell the story of our community. We have to tell our story. If we don’t, no one else will. 

It was a relatively quiet week in the House. We worked bills in committee that had passed the Senate and fine-tuned House bills that needed more work. In Appropriations, we had more hearings on agency budgets. Below are a few bills that passed the House this week.

HB 2344 — Expands the Council on Travel and Tourism from 17 members to 20 members by adding members representing National Independent Venue Association, Kansas Museums Association, and the Kansas Sampler Foundation. 

HB 2083 — Creating the Kansas vacant property act to prohibit cities from imposing fees or registration requirements only because the property is vacant. 

HB 2077 — Computer attacks are an increasing risk to everyone. This bill requires the reporting of significant cybersecurity incidents by entities maintaining personal information provided by the State or using information systems operated by the State. Additionally, the bill would authorize the Executive Branch Chief Information Security Officer to establish branch cybersecurity standards and policy and make changes to the responsibilities of state agencies and agency heads with regard to cybersecurity training, assessment and incident response.

HB 2304 — The bill would allow local school boards to provide firearm safety education programs. The State Board of Education would establish curriculum guidelines for a standardized firearm safety education program, which would be required to include accident prevention.

HB 2002 — Would extend provisions providing for state reimbursement of printing and postage costs incurred when county clerks are required to mail notices of proposed tax increases beyond the revenue-neutral rate. The bill would make the valuation notices more useful to taxpayers and increase the transparency of the property tax system.

HB 2201 — Would require annual property valuation notices provided by county appraisers to include the appraised and assessed value of the property for the current year and four preceding years. 

HB 2229 — Allows a deduction from sales tax when selling and buying different motor vehicles within 180 days. Current law only allows this deduction for a trade-in at the dealer. This would allow you the deduction if you sold your car privately.

HB 2106 — Creates a sales tax exemption for the purchase of equipment, machinery, or other infrastructure purchased for use in the provision of internet access service, telecommunications service, or video service and for the purchase of repair, maintenance, and installation services purchased by providers in the provision of such internet access service, telecommunications service, or video service. The exemption would expire on July 1, 2028. This will allow more funds to go for the expansion of internet across the state.

HB 2026 — Would require the Secretary of Revenue to file releases for tax warrants in the county where the warrants are docketed upon the taxpayers’ full payment of taxes, penalties, and interest owed, including the fees for filing the releases. Currently taxpayers are responsible to file the releases but often don’t.