December 01st, 2023
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dick morrisGUEST COLUMN, Dick Morris



Now that the dimensions of the political corruption, bias and injustice that characterized the FBI in recent years is becoming public, it is time to reconsider the legacy of President Barack Obama.

And, as the FBI corruption spread to the State Department and the NSA, Obama’s role becomes apparent.

The newly released texts between star-crossed lovers Peter Strock and Lisa Page are uncovering how deeply Obama himself was involved.  Today, Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson released a text in which Lisa Page, preparing to prep FBI Director James Comey for his meeting with Obama wrote Strock that “POTUS wants to know everything that we are doing.”

Obama, apparently ran roughshod over the “need to know principle and discarded the protection of “plausible deniability.” He was pulling the strings and wanted to be sure his orders were received, obeyed and executed.

Can you impeach an ex-president?

Now, an entirely new dimension of the FBI/State Department/NSA scandal has emerged with a familiar question: What did Obama know and when did he know it?

Look for a parade of executive branch officials to be summoned before congressional committees to answer questions about their interaction with the boss.

Obama has avoided being tarred with the Hillary Clinton email scandal even though he obviously knew she was using a private server, in direct violation of his orders (she emailed him on it). But now, he may be on the spot for encouraging the likes of Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe to slow walk the investigation of Clinton’s emails, especially those found on Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner’s computer in the closing weeks of the election campaign.

While we have the former president’s attention, we should ask some other questions:

Do you think a special prosecutor should be established to investigate Barack Obama?

  1. Did you know about the illegal unmasking of those caught on NSA metadata surveillance? Did you order it?
  2. Did you know that your State Department was working to prepare a negative dossier on Trump in the middle of the election?
  3. Did you know that Russia had targeted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in order to persuade her to approve the sale of our uranium capacity to Moscow? Did you approve or know of the efforts to suppress publicity about their efforts during the election?
  4. Did you know of the overtly political involvement of the top leadership of the FBI in the 2016 election and why did you do nothing to stop it?

Obama’s affirmative legacy is in tatters.

The soaring economy that started as soon as he moved out of the White House demonstrates, as nothing else can, how his policies were holding things back. Obamacare is shredded and fading fast. And President Trump’s ability to defeat the Islamic State group and hold North Korea at bay attest both to his strength and Obama’s weakness.

Now, the one thing he had going for him — the perception of honesty and integrity and respect for law and order — is about to leave him.



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