February 26th, 2024
L&T Opinions Page

reita isaacsLETTER TO THE EDITOR, Reita Isaacs, Liberal


I meant to take a little drive to the airport last week, but, things happened to make it impossible; so a little before 5 p.m. I made that trip.

 Does it matter to anyone that the American flag at Mid-America Air Museum is not only tattered, but has not been displayed? Sounds like we should have found someone with enough pride to display a flag in good condition on the important occasions we recognize? 

Isn't the anniversary of 9/11 one of those? 

I originally sent this text to our City Manager Rusty Varnado; but decided it was pointless to complain to just one person. You know how that goes; so maybe a few more citizens will get off their complacent fannies and do something about the problem. 

Quite frankly, I’m sick of being the only one addressing obvious problems in and around Liberal. 

Lots of good replies to me, but don’t bother if you can't take a stand and fight for what’s right. 

Just sayin’.