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December 09th, 2022
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larry phillips mugshotGUEST COLUMN, Larry Phillips, Kismet


Listening to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) Tuesday morning at the start of the Hon. Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings on his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, demonstrated the stark, black and white difference between Democrats and Republicans for the fight over the Second Amendment.

She complained, and I quote: “The U.S. makes up 4 percent of world population, but we own 42 percent of world’s guns. Since 2012 … there have been 273 school shootings.”

Really study that statement. There are two salient points. 

The first – law-abiding citizens owning 42 percent of the world’s guns – is exactly why the United States of America is a free nation with individual liberty. And why no nation or enemy on Earth would even dream of invading this country. 

Amen and hallelujah.

The only way we lose that Second Amendment right to own and possess firearms is if the people allow the socialist rot and propaganda from Democrats to infect the majorities’ minds and pervert reality. 

Remember, our founding fathers and every president from our country’s birth up to the dictator Obama, promised to preserve the Second Amendment. And some even foresaw the only way this country could be defeated was from “internal rot.”

That’s what Feinstein and her socialist cohorts want, to remove the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights. And they will use every devious thing they can to do so; untruths, innuendo, deception, misinformation, scare tactics, intimidation, threats and outright lies – just to mention a few. 

Feinstein doesn’t even see the preposterous irony in her complaint is why we are a free people, and why the rest of the world is in turmoil from being ruled by despots, dictators, socialists, radical mullahs and communists.

Second, she brings up school shootings. Those fall on the heads of the Democrat leftists who control school boards and don’t allow us to protect our children with guns. 

A sane person uses a gun to stop an insane gunman. How simple is that? It’s not rocket science.

You don’t call the police, and then wait, and then decide to maybe go give the guy a big, loving hug while he’s fumbling around for another clip.

These Democrats won’t allow protection with guns. But remarkably, schools across the nation are hiring and training armed security guards. 

It’s about time, folks. 

How many children have to be slaughtered in these gun-free zones that trap our children like cattle at the stock yards?

Let’s just look at sanctuary-city Chicago.

Apparently, it doesn’t have “the” toughest gun laws in America, but here’s part of a report from the left-wing propaganda machine, National Public Radio, in October 2017.

“Gun homicides in the (Chicago) rose by 61 percent between 2015 and 2016. That helped make the gun homicide rate in Chicago particularly huge compared to other similar cities. The rate was 25.1 per 100,000 residents in 2016, compared to 14.7 in Philadelphia and just 2.3 in New York.”

There’s more from NPR.

“But it’s not true that Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the country, as other fact checkers have also repeatedly found.

“It is true that Illinois has tougher gun laws than many other states. The state is one of seven that requires licenses or permits to buy any firearm, and it’s one of five that requires waiting periods for buying any firearm.”

So it looks like it ranks at worst seventh and fifth in two very important categories. Chicago did formerly have the harshest gun laws, but according to NPR, a 2008 Supreme Court ruling and another 2010 ruling eased some of the unconstitutional laws concerning gun ownership. The city also had a gun registry program from 1968 to 2013, when the state finally passed a law allowing concealed carry.

Actually, California, as a state, has the worst anti-gun ownership laws, according to NPR.

But let’s go back to Chicago. It is the poster child for Democrat rule and control.

Tuesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced he is not seeking re-election for a third term. He said he loves the city, and it was the job of a lifetime, but not a job for life.

Naturally, everybody is getting shot dead, and survivors are leaving Chicago. Plus I guess he’s got so much blood on his hands he can’t buy enough Clorox to get it all off. He’s now going to skedaddle and show up in the Democrat Party as a hero somewhere.

He should be tarred and feathered, but that’s an insult to our feathered friends.

His city this year, according to a report at,  has $34.3 billion in assets, less capital assets of –$24 billion, less restricted assets –$3.1 billion, plus $7.1 billion in assets to pay bills. 

But here’s the kicker: Less city bills; –$47.6 billion. That’s debt in “billions” with a “B.”

On top of that, more than $36 billion is listed as “unfunded pension benefits” and “unfunded retiree healthcare.”

The Truth in Accounting agency gave Chicago a “Grade F” for its finances and pointed out the debt means “Chicago would need more than $20,000 from each of it’s taxpayers to pay all its bills.”

Imagine this interview.

Reporter: “What are you most proud about your service as a two- term mayor, Mr. Emanuel?

Emanuel: “Well, blood and bodies in the streets, racial chaos, super high tax rates, illegal immigrant criminals roaming the neighborhoods – and $47 billion in debt. But other than that, I loved the job.”

More economic bliss, freedom, happiness and security – when not dodging bullets – provided by Democrats and socialists that actually want to rule this nation.

Give me a break.

GUEST COLUMN, Ganon Evans, Kansas Policy Institute


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