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December 09th, 2022
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I got to know a lot more about one of the most wonderful and patriotic women in the nation the other night watching Mark Levin’s show on Fox News Network. Her name is Heather Mac Donald, and she is the author of “The Diversity Delusion,” her newest book.

She exposes the damage being done to the country through the university system’s endemic attack on the humanities, its rise of intolerance and the damages to serious learning.

Right on the heels of hearing this eloquent and intelligent woman came, not surprisingly, a few days later, the news of a petition where students at Savannah College of Art and Design agreed to remove Clarence Thomas’ name from a building on campus.

Two thousand students were said to sign the petition in October, but Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips recently visited the school and could not find one student who knew why or for what reason Thomas’ name should be removed. 

“I don’t know, I haven’t done much research on this. I just saw a Facebook petition about it, and that’s kind of the extent of it,” said one student, interviewed by Phillips.

Another boy interviewed – and I emphasize “boy” – said, “He is a historical figure, though, uh, so is Hitler.” When asked if he could point to an example of what Thomas has done to deserve having his name removed, the student replied: “I mean, not in particular.”

This is just a small but tragic example of what our kids are learning in college across this nation – in every corner of every state in America. 

NOTHING of value – for themselves or the nation’s well being.

Mac Donald has it pegged to the umpteenth denominator why college students are being dumbed down in the name of diversity and delusional political agendas.

In her newest book, Mac Donald argues that, “ … the root of this problem is the belief in America’s endemic racism and sexism, a belief that has engendered a metastasizing diversity bureaucracy in society and academia. 

“Diversity commissars denounce meritocratic standards as discriminatory, enforce hiring quotas, and teach students and adults alike to think of themselves as perpetual victims,” she continues. “From #MeToo mania that blurs flirtations with criminal acts, to implicit bias and diversity compliance training that sees racism in every interaction.”

Mac Donald argues that universities are creating a nation of narrowed minds, primed for grievance, and that we are putting our competitive edge at risk.

I loved her term, “It’s infantile delusion” to explain what students are learning – or being brainwashed – that every problem in America is because of racism, and women are not treated equally with “Old, white, rich men” running America.

That is definitely “infantile delusion.”

Author Shelby Steele wrote in his review of “The Diversity Delusion,” “Not since Alan Bloom’s ‘The Closing of the American Mind’ has a book so thoroughly exposed the damage done to American institutions – particularly universities – by modern liberalism’s glib commitment to ‘diversity.’”

He added: “This book is a story of what happens when too much insecurity seeps into a great civilization.”

Mac Donald has the statistics – provided by the U.S. Government – on how millions of tax dollars are being diverted from STEM classes to these phony “diversification” and “political correctness” classes – classes many are being mandated into attending. 

And the millions come primarily from hiring professors (at up to $400,000 a year) to use these leftist platforms to attack America’s exceptionalism and claiming the nation is nothing but a sess pool of racists, homophobics and sexists.

In its review, “The College Fix” wrote: “(‘The Diversity Delusion’) targets the liberal ideologues running America’s higher education system, both exposing and debunking their agenda.”

National Review noted: “‘The Diversity Delusion’ does an admirable job of dismantling liberal academic narratives.”

“‘The Diversity Delusion’ should set off alarm bells in the minds of Americans who have heard little or nothing about the damage it is doing to the nation,” wrote the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

The leftist, progressive agenda is ruining this nation by brainwashing our youth into believeing – a sickening, dangerous belief – that America is bad and should be destroyed. And the intolerance of these professors and college administrators is beginning to show up in violence against anything and anyone that argues against their dogma.

It’s time we the people start putting heavy financial and social pressure on these administrators: Stop sending your precious kids to these institutions of intolerance. Check into their “rap sheets.” Those are available at many places, including Campus Reform.

Stop alumnus funding – it’s not the same school now as it was when you attended 30 years ago. Write letters to the editors of newspapers shaming these schools. Write to the administrators and cc: your state representatives or senators. 

We have to stop this or lose our nation and its Constitution. Everything we hold dear as a constitutional republic is being attacked 24/7 at these institutions. People can’t look away any more.

And reading “The Diversity Delusion” is a good start.

GUEST COLUMN, Ganon Evans, Kansas Policy Institute


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